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Thermo Scientific™ Imject™ Mariculture KLH and EDC Conjugation Kit

Prepare immunogens (hapten-carrier conjugates) with your antigen of choice and mariculture KLH using different conjugation chemistries.

Manufacturer:  Thermo Scientific™ 77671

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Catalog No. PI77671



Thermo Scientific™ Imject Mariculture Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (mcKLH) is formulated to achieve optimum performance with different conjugation chemistries, and includes a complete kit for carbodiimide-mediated hapten-carrier preparation.

Mariculture KLH (mcKLH) is purified and lyophilized in buffers that optimize its stability and solubility for hapten conjugation. The large, complex protein contains hundreds of sites per molecule for effective conjugation of peptides and other antigens using amine-reactive or carboxyl-reactive crosslinkers.

Preparations in phosphate buffer are ready for hapten-carrier conjugation via amine-reactive NHS-ester or glutaraldehyde crosslinking. Preparations in MES buffer are optimized for peptide-carrier conjugation via the carboxyl-reactive carbodiimide crosslinker called EDC (or EDAC). The Imject EDC Spin Kit includes ready-to-use units of KLH carrier protein, optimized reaction buffers and trouble-free spin desalting columns for immunogen preparation using the EDC method.


  • Convenient packages – choose lyophilized KLH protein or complete EDC conjugation kit

  • High-yield conjugation – each molecule of KLH contains hundreds of primary amines available for coupling haptens via EDC or NHS ester crosslinkers

  • Validated quality – purified and stabilized mariculture KLH maintains solubility in aqueous solutions, unlike traditional sources of the carrier protein

  • Sustainable source – KLH is harvested from select populations of the mollusk Megathura crenulata (keyhole limpet) that are grown in mariculture, not extracted from wild populations

  • Highly immunogenic – KLH has a high molecular mass (0.5 to 13 million daltons; aggregates of 350 and 390kDa subunits) and elicits a stronger immune response than BSA or ovalbumin



Imject EDC mcKLH Spin Kit
5 x 2mg kit
Imject Mariculture KLH (in MES buffer), 5 x 2mg, Imject EDC Conjugation Buffer, 30mL, EDC Crosslinker, 5 x 10mg, Imject Purification Buffer Salts, 5 x 0.84g, Zeba Spin Desalting Columns, 7K MWCO, 2mL, 5 columns
Multi-component kit
5 EDC conjugation reactions and complete immunogen preparations, each with up to 2mg peptide
KLH, keyhole limpet hemocyanin