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Eppendorf™ Reference™ 2 Fixed Volume Single-Channel Pipetters

Proven premium precision and accuracy, a long service life, and an ergonomic design

$508.63 - $510.03


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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Accuracy Color Volume (Metric) Precision Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Accuracy Color Volume (Metric) Precision Price Quantity  
05-412-433 View Documents Eppendorf™
2.0 Gray 2 μL 0.4 Each for $510.03
05-412-432 View Documents Eppendorf™
2.5 Gray 1 μL 0.025 Each for $510.03
05-412-434 View Documents Eppendorf™
1.5 Gray 5 μL 0.075 Each for $510.03
05-412-436 View Documents Eppendorf™
1.0 Yellow 10 μL 0.3 Each for $510.03
05-412-437 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.8 Gray 20 μL 0.3 Each for $510.03
05-412-435 View Documents Eppendorf™
1.0 Gray 10 μL 0.3 Each for $510.03
05-412-439 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.8 Yellow 25 μL 0.2 Each for $510.03
05-412-441 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.6 Yellow 100 μL 0.6 Each for $510.03
05-412-440 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.7 Yellow 50 μL 0.35 Each for $510.03
05-412-442 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.6 Yellow 200 μL 1.2 Each for $510.03
05-412-443 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.6 Blue 200 μL 1.2 Each for $510.03
05-412-445 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.6 Blue 500 μL 3.0 Each for $510.03
05-412-446 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.6 Gray 1000 μL 6.0 Each for $508.63
05-412-444 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.6 Blue 250 μL 1.5 Each for $510.03
05-412-447 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.6 Red 2 mL 0.012 Each for $510.03
05-412-448 View Documents Eppendorf™
0.6 Red 2.5 mL 0.015 Each for $510.03


Provides the most accurate results possible alongside robust, reliable handling and optimum user safety. Ideal for use with precious liquids, or in any application requiring extremely high levels of accuracy. Optimal choice when quality and reproducibility are essential.

Well Designed Pipet

  • One button operating system lets users quickly move through their pipet tasks; users do not have to move the thumb from side to side to eject tips
  • Ergonomic design for lower operating forces for aspiration/dispensing/tip ejection; limits strain on the user
  • Spring loaded tip cone allows simple, quick tip ejection with active aerosol reduction; improves safety and user reproducibility
  • Color coded/ volume labeled for quick identification of the volume size/ tip size
  • High precision and accuracy provides reliable pipetting results
  • Customizable labeling area
Accurate Settings
  • Volume lock: a quick and secure setting prevents accidental changes and with an always visible 4 digit display, provides increased security is provided for the most stringent lab environments
  • Secondary user adjustment offers the most accurate transfer of liquids different than water without the need for a full calibration
  • 4-digit display shows the exact volume setting and is clearly visible from every angle
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Round upper part makes it possible to work in every position
  • To avoid accidental tip ejections, clear haptic feedback is felt after the blowout step
Lower operating forces for aspiration/dispensing/tip ejection; limits strain on the user
Well Built Instrument
  • Unique surface: few rough edges, smooth surface for comfortable working and simple cleaning
  • Sturdy upper handle guarantees long service life and increased robustness
  • Movable parts and external edges made from stainless steel equip the pipette with outstanding robustness at potential impact sites and for internal components
  • The quick connect lower part enables easy cleaning and maintenance of your pipet
  • Fully autoclavable
Heightened Traceability
  • Serial number is printed on multiple components of the pipette
  • Internal RFID technology: contains all relevant pipette data and TrackIT software from Eppendorf for simple identification and documentation of each pipette in the lab