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Molecular Probes™ CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay, for cells in culture DFS Item

CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay Kit, for cells in culture

Manufacturer:  Molecular Probes™ LSC7026

Catalog No. C7026



The CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay is a highly sensitive fluorescence-based method for quantifying cells and assessing cell proliferation and cytotoxicity. For cell proliferation assays that are more compatible with high throughput screening, see our CyQUANT™ NF Cell Proliferation Assay Kit or our CyQUANT™ Direct Assay.

With the CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay Kit, you can:

  • Measure DNA content to directly quantify 50 to 50,000 cells per well without relying on metabolic activity
  • Quickly compare multiple samples in a simple plate-based assay format
  • Freeze and store time course samples for later analysis

    Measure DNA content directly
    The main component of the CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay Kit is CyQUANT™ GR, a proprietary dye that exhibits strong fluorescence enhancement when bound to nucleic acids. With this dye, you can measure a sample's DNA content and compare it to standards, directly quantifying the entire cell population within a broad linear detection range. This method offers improved accuracy over metabolically based cell proliferation or cytotoxicity assays that can be influenced by cell changes that are unrelated to cell number.

    Quickly compare multiple samples
    The CyQUANT™ Cell Proliferation Assay Kit requires minimal hands-on time. Simply remove the culture media, freeze and lyse cells, then read fluorescence on a standard microplate reader with a fluorescein filter.

    Store samples for later analysis
    Because the cells are frozen, samples can stored for up to 4 weeks and run in batches, allowing the direct comparison of samples taken at different time points.

    Kit components
    The kit includes CyQUANT™ GR dye and cell lysis buffer sufficient to perform 1,000 assays in volumes suitable for fluorescence detection in microplates. The kit also contains bacteriophage λ DNA to be used as a reference standard for assay calibration.
  • Specifications


    96-well plate
    Room Temperature
    Other Label(s) or Dye(s)
    Contains CyQUANT® GR dye, cell lysis buffer and bacteriophage λ DNA.
    Microplate Reader

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.