Emergency Lighting

Coast™ PX100 400 nm UV Light

A 400nm ultraviolet light designed for currency checking, leak locating, and scorpion detection.

Coast™ HP7R 300 Lumen Rechargeable Focusing LED Flashlight

The HP7R is the ultimate light for any law enforcement official, serious professional, or hardcore adventurer.

Coast™ G45 385 Lumen LED Flashlight

The G45 combines a bright Bulls-Eye Spot with a fairly compact size that is great for a wide variety of situations.

Coast™ HX5 130 Lumen Focus LED Pocket Light

The compact HX5 is compatible with alkaline AA (included), rechargeable NiMH, and rechargeable Lithium 14500 batteries.

Coast™ WX850R 700 Lumen Dual Color Rechargeable Focusing LED Headlamp

The WX850R is our most powerful rechargeable front loader, combining a Pure Beam Focusing Optic with a red beam option to maximize professional or recreational capability.

Coast™ Polysteel 600 710 Lumen Waterproof Focusing LED Flashlight

The Polysteel 600 is waterproof, drop proof, and crush proof, which makes this high-lumens light ultra-durable and ready to weather any storm.

Coast™ HP8R 760 Lumen Rechargeable Focusing LED Flashlight

The HP8R was created to provide a high-quality rechargeable light with the versatility of Pure Beam.

Coast™ G26 330 Lumen LED Flashlight

If you need a general use light with our Utility Beam Optic that is suited for whatever the day or night throws at you, the G26 is your light.

Coast™ Polysteel 200 320 Lumen Waterproof Focusing LED Flashlight

The Polysteel 200 is Coast’s smallest waterproof, drop proof, and crush proof light.

Coast™ HP4 100 Lumen LED Penlight

Using our Bulls-Eye Spot Beam, the HP4 flashlight is a prime choice for technicians who are looking for a great penlight that shoots a spot beam downrange, while having a transition halo flood that increases your side view ability.

Streamlight™ 3AA Haz-Lo™ Headlamp

The 3AA HAZ-LO is an intrinsically safe long-running headlamp for use in atmospheres containing hazardous gases, vapors and liquids.

Coast™ TX14R 900 Lumen Rechargeable Focusing LED Tactical Flashlight

The TX1R mixes our Flex Charge Dual Power system and a Slide-Focus Long Range Beam Optic with an all-black design to create a stealthier light.

Coast™ G19 Inspection Beam LED Penlight

Not only is it ultra compact with a pocket clip, the G19, with our Inspection Beam Optic, gives you a crisp, circular beam that has low glare for up-close work.

Coast™ PX1 315 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Flashlight DFS Item

Coupling the Pure Beam Optic with the ability to twist focus, the PX1 will be your trusted sidekick for all of your daily work in a variety of distances.

Streamlight™ PolyStinger™ LED Rechargeable Flashlight

C4 LED technology for extreme brightness

Pelican™ M10 8040 Flashlight

High-pressure Xenon™-fired lamp module produces a powerful, bright, high intensity light

Coast™ HP7 410 Lumen Focusing LED Flashlight

A perfect mix of size, form, and performance, the HP7 flashlight is rightfully one of our most popular handheld lights.

Coast™ HX5R 345 Lumen Rechargeable Focusing LED Pocket Light

Prefer quick and easy charging? Then go with our HX5R Flashlight, which features USB charging. A USB insert found in the tail cap can be used with USB, AC/DC adapters.

Streamlight™ ProPolymer™ HAZ-LO™ Safety Rated Flashlight

The 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO is a durable, waterproof safety rated flashlight. It is Class I, Division 1 rated, intrinsically safe and ATEX rated.

Streamlight™ 3N ProPolymers™ LED Flashlight

Lightweight model has plenty of power to light your way

Streamlight™ Survivor™ LED Flashlight

Ideal for use in fire and rescue, law enforcement, industrial safety, public works and utilities

Streamlight™ MicroStream™ Alkaline Battery Powered LED Pen Light

The MicroStream is a black aluminum mini flashlight that fits in the palm of your hand without compromising on brightness. Put this light in your pocket or clip it to the brim of your hat.

Coast™ WX600 400 Lumen Wide Angle Flood LED Headlamp

The WX600 brings a specialty optic to Coast headlamps—the Wide Angle Flood Beam—which is ideal for illuminating the broadest possible area in bright, even light.

Coast™ PX32 120 Lumen Focusing LED Flashlight

With a compact body, pocket clip and Pure Beam Focus, the PX32 provides the professional with a long-runtime, all-around flashlight.

Streamlight™ ProTac™ 2AA Professional Tactical Light

The ProTac 2AA is a versatile personal carry light about the size of a marker that produces 250 lumens of light.

Coast™ HP10R 1050 Lumen Rechargeable Focusing LED Flashlight

The HP10R was created to provide maximum performance in a focusing, rechargeable, mid-size form factor.

Streamlight™ SL-20XP™/LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Full-size flashlight provides failsafe illumination

Streamlight™ 4AA ProPolymer™ Lux Flashlight

The 4AA ProPolymer Lux is a durable polymer flashlight that provides a longer reaching beam and is ergonomically shaped for maximum hand comfort.