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Giving You Greener Choices

Striving to protect and preserve the environment and helping you do the same is one of our commitments to you. The Greener Choice program makes it easy to find lab products that align with your sustainability goals.

Simply look for the leaf icon in search results to identify qualifying products.

Greener Choice

Look for the Greener Choice icon to identify qualifying products.

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Giving You Greener Choices

Greener Choice products meet the following criteria in order to earn this designation:

 Offer one or more environmental benefit itemized in the U.S. FTC “Green Guides

 Confirmation that the stated product attributes are environmentally preferable to products within the same category

 Assurance that the environmental benefit claims remain substantiated over time

 Receipt of a signed Certificate of Compliance from the supplier stating that all environmental claims on the products (or line of products) sold by Thermo Fisher Scientific comply with the requirements of all applicable state and federal laws governing environmental marketing claims

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Equipment and Instruments

Choose from a wide variety of equipment and appliances for preparing, separating, and preserving your samples.


Life Sciences

Explore a range of products to support your protein-based and molecular biology research.



Browse a wide selection of protective clothing, eyewear, gloves, and more for keeping your people safe.


Lab Essentials

Find the everyday lab essentials that power your workflow, including pipettes, microplate readers, and more.

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