Electrophoresis Equipment

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EasyCast™ B1A Mini Gel Electrophoresis Systems

Cast and run a gel in the buffer chamber and achieve flat, even banding patterns on a consistent basis with these B1A Mini Gel Electrophoresis systems.

Invitrogen™ Mini Gel Tank DFS Item

Compatible with a variety of Novex™ gels, NuPAGE™ gels, and Bolt™ Bis-Tris Plus gels

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EasyCast™ B2 Mini Gel Electrophoresis Systems

Cast and run a gel in the same chamber with no tape or additional parts using the space-saving Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EasyCast™ B2 Mini Gel Electrophoresis Systems.

Fisherbrand™ Horizontal Mini Gel Electrophoresis System

Designed for quick separation of DNA or nucleic acids in agarose mini-gels, the Fisherbrand Mini Horizontal Gel System is a complete, compact mini gel electrophoresis system for easy nucleic acid separation. The horizontal system comes with an attached power supply,  two casting stands, six gel trays and four combs — everything necessary for DNA or nucleic acid, horizontal electrophoresis.

Invitrogen™ E-Gel™ Power Snap Electrophoresis System DFS Item

All-in-one system designed for fast and convenient E-Gel™ Agarose Gel electrophoresis, from DNA sample loading to gel image.

Eisco Low Voltage AC/DC Power Supply

Offers AC voltages of 1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12V and regulated continuously variable DC voltages.

Invitrogen™ Mini Gel Tank and Blot Module Set DFS Item

Provides all of the necessary devices for protein separation and Western blotting using Novex™ gels, NuPAGE™ gels, and Bolt™ Bis-Tris Plus gels

Invitrogen™ Novex™ iBlot™ 2 Nitrocellulose Transfer Stacks DFS Item

Used to transfer proteins with the iBlot 2 Gel Transfer Device

Eisco Spectrum Tube Power Supply

The main use of this safe, economical and fun spectrum tube power supply is to provide a view of gas discharge spectral lines that can be viewed with something as simple as a diffraction grating, to as complicated as digital spectrometers.

Invitrogen™ iBlot™ 2 Gel Horizontal Transfer Device DFS Item

Performs Western blotting transfer simply, efficiently, and reliably, within seven minutes and without the need for liquid buffers

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ D3-14 Wide Gel Electrophoresis System

Screen PCR products, plasmid preps, restriction mapping and cloning with the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ D3-14 Wide Gel Electrophoresis System.

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ A3-1 Large-Gel Electrophoresis System

Conduct plant genomics studies with Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ A3-1 Large-Gel Electrophoresis System.

Fisherbrand™ Electrophoresis Power Supplies

Easy-to-use power supplies designed for safety

Double-Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus

Run two gels simultaneously with this leak-free, one-piece molded chamber made from durable clear acrylic.

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC300XL2 Compact Power Supply

Retain settings after shut-down with the power-off memory on the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC300XL2 Compact Power Supply, ideal for DNA/RNA and Protein electrophoresis.

GE Healthcare Whatman™ Minifold I Dot Blot System

Well manifolds for proteins and nucleic acids

Invitrogen™ Novex™ XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell DFS Item

Quickly and easily run up to two Novex 8 x 8cm minigels, leak-free without any clamps or grease

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ A6 Wide Gel Horizontal Electrophoresis System

Produce clear, tight banding patterns with the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ A6 Wide Gel Horizontal Electrophoresis System, an ideal system for high-throughput laboratories.

Hoefer™ HE 99X Max Submarine Electrophoresis Unit - PROMO

Offers no-mess gel casting without tape or dams. Buy and avail 10% off.

CBS Scientific Power Supplies

Light, compact and stackable design saves valuable bench space.

DC Regulated Power Supply

Designed to power automotive equipments.

Invitrogen™ Novex™ PowerEase™ 90W Power Supply (115 VAC) DFS Item

Designed specifically for mini-gel electrophoresis

Hoefer™ Mighty Small™ II Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

Combine the advantages of a small format and efficient cooling for rapid screening of protein and nucleic acids

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC-200XL High-Current Power Supply

Retain settings after shut-down with the power-off memory of the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC-200XL High-Current Power Supply.

Hoefer™ IEF100 IEF First-Dimension Unit

Versatile unit accepts up to six 24cm IPG strips or twelve 7cm IGP strips using the dual electrode assembly included

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Bolt™ Vertical Mini Blot Module DFS Item

Wet transfer device used exclusively with the Bolt Minigel Tank