Custom and Bulk Chemical Services

From Bench to Production

Custom and Bulk Service Solutions

Meet Your Specialized Needs

Take a tailored approach to your chemical purchasing and procurement with our custom and bulk chemical services, designed to meet your specialized bench-to-production needs. Let our chemical specialists help you find the right chemicals and blends for your work at the volume and specifications you need.

Whether you are engaged in initial research or scaling up to full production, we can help you save valuable time and resources.

Custom and Bulk Chemical Services Data Sheet

Custom and Bulk Chemical Services Data Sheet

Find end-to-end custom and bulk chemical solutions for your research and production applications.

Download Custom and Bulk Chemical Services
Data Sheet (PDF, 556 KB)

Why Choose Custom and Bulk Chemical Services?

Personalized Delivery Schedules

Too much or too little inventory can cause problems, creating hazardous storage conditions and lost productivity. Count on our custom and bulk services to help set up your chemical delivery where and when you want it. It’s that simple.

Custom and Bulk Chemical Services

More Efficient Workflow

Availability of and access to the right chemicals are critical to business success. Long lead times and supply disruptions are avoidable pitfalls when you take advantage of our services.

You’ll enjoy supply security and spend less time ordering your bulk chemicals so you may focus on your work without interruptions.

The Exact Product You Need

Get the exact chemicals you need for your workflow with our custom manufacturing services. With our help, you’ll be able to decrease the amount of time spent finding the right chemical.

Full Managed Supply Chain

Leave supply chain management to us so you can focus on other critical areas. Our team of specialists will help you simplify by managing and controlling the supply chain for bulk quantities of the catalog products you need.


Improve safety in your laboratory or production facility and reduce waste with our returnable container delivery system. The bottle-free, stainless-steel container system decreases glass breakage and the likelihood of chemical spills.

Bulk/High-Volume Services

Enabling Your Scale-Up

Improve your efficiency and safety with our environmentally friendly high-volume solvent delivery services. Choose from a broad range of grades, volumes, and container options to suit your analytical and manufacturing requirements.

Same Chemical Catalog Offering in Larger Quantities

Order your favorite products from our catalog in larger sizes and formats. Select from a wide variety of chemicals that we’ll test, package, and deliver based on your requirements.

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Custom and Bulk Chemical Service Capabilities

Custom and Bulk Chemical Service Capabilities

Whether you are in research and discovery or planning to scale for commercial manufacturing, find products to support your applications from bench to production.

Download Custom and Bulk Chemical Services Brochure (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Convenient Solvent Delivery

Convenient Solvent Delivery

Choose the FisherPak™ solvent delivery system—which eliminates almost 200 lb. of waste per 200 L container—for handling large quantities of high-purity solvents.

Download Solvent and Blends Delivery Systems Brochure (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Smart Packaging Solutions

Smart Packaging Solutions

Discover SmartPack chemical packaging enhancements that provide a smarter, safer, and more sustainable way to conduct research and transport products.

Learn More About Smart Chemical Packaging

Life Sciences and Biotech Chemicals Brochure

Life Sciences and Biotech Chemicals Brochure

Explore the top chemicals to meet your specific research and manufacturing needs in the life sciences and biotech industries.

Download the Life Sciences and Biotech Brochure (PDF, 547 KB)

Nucleic Acid Synthesis Chemicals Brochure

Nucleic Acid Synthesis Chemicals Brochure

Explore the top chemicals to meet your specific research and manufacturing needs for nucleic acid synthesis and DNA sequencing.

Download the Nucleic Acid Synthesis Chemicals Brochure (PDF, 861 KB)

Peptide Synthesis Chemicals Brochure

Peptide Synthesis Chemicals Brochure

Explore the top chemicals to meet your specific research and manufacturing needs for peptide synthesis and sequencing.

Download the Peptide Synthesis Chemicals Brochure (PDF, 365 KB)

High-Volume Solvents & Blends

High-Volume Solvents and Blends

The Safe and Sustainable Chemical Handling Option for Your Workplace

High-volume solvent/chemical blend delivery systems—including our FisherPak™ Solvent Delivery System—offer a safe and sustainable approach for your applications. Enjoy unparalleled choice while improving productivity within your workplace.

High-Volume Solvents and Blends

Benefits of Our High-Volume Solvent and Blends Service

Performance and Productivity

Explore a broad range of high-purity chemicals to support your laboratory, pilot plant, or production environment.

  • Count on our purity standards to reduce the time you spend testing; each batch only requires one test
  • Choose from a variety of drum/container sizes, product grades (e.g., extra dry, ACS, HPLC, or USP), pure chemicals, and blends to meet your requirements
  • Trust in our inert packaging that reduces the risk of interaction/reaction with the chemicals inside the container and helps protect chemicals, solvents, and blends from external environmental factors like moisture and vapors

Supply and Support

Mitigate supply risk to your business with the value-add elements of our service.

  • Get unbeatable choice and reliable service through our plentiful supply of chemicals and containers and our dedicated shipping fleet
  • Let us help you meet your unique service and accessory needs through our configurable, returnable container (drums/barrels/tote) program
  • Enjoy dedicated technical and logistical support from one of our specialists when participating in the returnable drums and containers program

Providing Peace of Mind

Support a positive, healthy, and safe working environment and help meet your organization’s sustainability goals by taking advantage of our high-volume solvent and blends service.

Safety and Reliability

  • Reduce the risk of solvent/chemical spillage; containers are available for use with various accessories to help ensure you can dispense the product safely and reliably or simply attach the container at the point of use
  • Because containers are made from either stainless steel or plastic, the risk of broken glass in the workplace is minimized
  • The unique drum/container design reduces the risk of flammable or toxic solvent liquids and vapors being released into the air


  • Reduce the amount of glass and cardboard that you need to dispose of by using our drum/barrel service instead of standard glass bottles; almost 200 lb./90 kg of glass and cardboard are eliminated by each 200 L returnable drum/container system used
  • You also use less freight miles per liter of chemical; the drums/container freight miles are less when compared to the miles used for glass bottles and cardboard packaging
  • Empty drums/barrels are cleaned, maintained, and refilled, reducing your hazardous disposal costs, eliminating the rinsing step at your site, and saving you time and money
Providing Peace of Mind

Container Systems

Explore the following container system options for your high-volume solvent and blend needs.


  • The popular FisherPak™ Type 316 stainless-steel container handles large quantities of high-purity solvents and blends and is returnable and reusable
  • Recommended for all market segments and suitable for laboratory, pilot plant, and production/manufacturing environments
  • Available in 19 L, 28 L, 50 L, 200 L, and 1,350 L sizes 
Solvent and Blends Delivery Systems Capabilities

Solvent and Blends Delivery Systems Capabilities

Learn more about safe and sustainable delivery systems for high-volume solvents and blends.

Download Solvent and Blends Delivery Systems Brochure (PDF, 1.1 MB)

FisherPak Specifications and Technical Information

Use these detailed technical information and product specifications tables to help you determine the correct container size and configuration for your needs:

Commonly Requested FisherPak Solvents and Their Net Weights

ChemicalDensity19 L50 L115 L200 L
2-Propanol0.78532.9 LB/ 14.9 KG86.5 LB/ 39.3 KG199.0 LB/ 90.3 KG346.1 LB/ 157.0 KG
Methanol0.78532.2 LB/ 15.0 KG87.2 LB/ 39.6 KG200.7 LB/ 91.0 KG349 LB/ 158.3 KG
Acetone0.78832.8 LB/ 14.9 KG86.9 LB/ 39.4 KG199.8 LB/ 90.6 LB347.4 LB/ 157.6 KG
Alcohol0.78232.7 LB/ 14.8 KG86.2 LB/ 39.1 KG198.3 LB/ 89.9 KG344.8 LB/ 156.4 KG
Acetonitrile0.77532.5 LB/ 14.7 KG85.4 LB/ 38.8 KG196.5 LB/ 89.1 KG341.7 LB/ 155 KG
Chloroform1.47161.6 LB/ 28 KG162.1 LB/ 73.6 KG372.9 LB/ 169.2 KG648.6 LB/ 294.2 KG
Methylene Chloride1.32655 LB/ 25.2 KG146.1 LB/ 66.3 KG336.1 LB/ 152.4 KG584.4 LB/ 265.1 LB
Ethyl Acetate0.90237.8 LB/ 17.1 KG99.4 LB/ 45.1 KG228.7 LB/ 103.7 KG397.7 LB/ 180.4 KG
Hexane0.66027.6 LB/ 12.5 KG72.8 LB/ 33 KG167.3 LB/ 75.9 KG291 LB/ 132 KG
Iso-Octane0.69229 LB/ 13.1 KG76.3 LB/ 34.6 KG175.4 LG/ 79.6 KG305.1 LB/ 138.4 KG
Petroleum Ether0.63026.4 LB/ 12.0 KG69.4 LB/ 31.5 KG159.7 LB/ 72.5 KG277.8 LB/ 126 KG
Toluene0.86636.3 LB/ 16.5 KG95.5 LB/ 43.3 KG219.6 LB/ 99.6 KG381.8 LB/ 173.2 KG
THF0.88937.2 LB/ 16.9 KG98 LB/ 44.5 KG225.4 LB/ 102.3 KG392.1 LB/ 177.8 KG
Water1.041.9 LB/ 19 KG110.2 LB/ 50 KG253.5 LB/ 115 KG440.9 LB/ 200 KG

Commonly Requested FisherPak Solvents and Their Gross Fill Weights

ChemicalDensity19 L50 L115 L200 L
2-Propanol0.78557.1 LB/ 25.9 KG129.5 LB/ 58.8 KG269.6 LB/ 122.3 KG437.9 LB/ 198.6 KG
Methanol0.78557.4 LB/ 26.0 KG130.2 LB/ 59.1 KG271.2 LB/ 123.0 KG440.7 LB/ 199.9 KG
Acetone0.78857.0 LB/ 25.9 KG129.9 LB/ 58.9 KG270.3 LB/ 122.6 LB439.2 LB/ 199.2 KG
Alcohol0.78256.9 LB/ 25.8 KG129.2 LB/ 58.6 KG268.6 LB/ 121.9 KG436.5 LB/ 198 KG
Acetonitrile0.77556.7 LB/ 25.7 KG128.4 LB/ 58.3 KG1267 LB/ 121.1 KG433.4 LB/ 196.6 KG
Chloroform1.47185.8 LB/ 39 KG205.1 LB/ 93.1 KG443.5 LB/ 201.2 KG740.3 LB/ 335.8 KG
Methylene Chloride1.32679.7 LB/ 36.2 KG189.1 LB/ 85.8 KG406.6 LB/ 184.4 KG676.1 LB/ 306.7 LB
Ethyl Acetate0.90262 LB/ 28.1 KG142.4 LB/ 64.6 KG299.2 LB/ 135.7 KG489.4 LB/ 222 KG
Hexane0.66051.8 LB/ 23.5 KG115.7 LB/ 52.5 KG237.9 LB/ 107.9 KG382.7 LB/ 173.6 KG
Iso-Octane0.69253.2 LB/ 24.1 KG119.3 LB/ 54.1 KG246 LB/ 111.6 KG396.8 LB/ 180 KG
Petroleum Ether0.63050.6 LB/ 23 KG112.4 LB/ 51 KG230.3 LB/ 104.5 KG369.5 LB/ 167.6 KG
Toluene0.86660.5 LB/ 27.5 KG138.4 LB/ 62.8 KG290.1 LB/ 131.6 KG473.5 LB/ 214.8 KG
THF0.88961.4 LB/ 27.9 KG141 LB/ 64 KG296 LB/ 134.3 KG483.8 LB/ 219.4 KG
Water1.066.1 LB/ 30 KG153.2 LB/ 69.5 KG324.1 LB/ 147 KG532.6 LB/ 241.6 KG

FisherPak Dimensions

SizeHeight (Tap to Sump)Height (Overall)Diameter (Outer)Tare Wt. (Approx. kg)Overflow Capacity
19 L15.722.211.1010.820.0 L
50 L27.828.816.0019.556.0 L
115 L23.430.521.80*32.0117.4 L
200 L39.847.021.80*41.6208.0 L
1350 L68.971.7**47.24360.01441.0 L

All measurements listed above are in inches unless otherwise noted.

*Weights of 200 L and 115 L drums with ID numbers above 800 will be higher. (200 L = 45.7 kg)
**Footprint of the 1,350 L is 47"x47". Diameter of the IBC is less than the base width.



  • Equipped with Micro Matic easy-to-use coupling technology and made from Type 304 stainless steel, which is returnable and reusable
  • Recommended for all market segments and suitable for laboratory, pilot plant, and production/manufacturing environments
  • Available in 19 L, 50 L, and 200 L sizes


  • Uses a precleaned liner technology contained within a Type 306 stainless-steel overpack, which is returnable and reusable
  • Recommended market segments include (but not limited to) pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical and suitable for laboratory, pilot plant, and production/manufacturing environments
  • Available in 19 L sizes 
Custom Chemicals Service

Custom Chemicals Service

Here to Support You

If you can’t find exactly what you need in our chemicals catalog, consider a custom solution. Whether you need distillation, blending, testing, packaging, or special delivery of custom reagents, rely on us to supply products that meet your requirements.

Custom Chemicals Service

Custom Blends and Synthesis

Whether you’re looking to synthesize complex organic building blocks, create custom solvent blends, optimize your synthesis, or develop a scalable route, we can provide the expertise to support your project. Our database of production methods for over 8,000 compounds has been developed through 50 years of experience in custom manufacturing.

Custom Pack Size, Specification, Packaging, and Labels

Get the necessary chemicals for your work according to your exact specifications and packaging requirements. Through our custom weighing service, you can also request a specific weight for your products, ranging from a nanogram to a ton. These services are designed to help you properly handle and store chemicals, maintain product integrity, and comply with regulations while improving safety and sustainability.

Custom Blends

Streamline Your Workflow

If you are looking for ways to streamline your routine tasks, our custom blends service can help.

  • Easily order blends at the right grade and specifications for your methods/assays/production so you can spend less time preparing for your tasks and focus more on your objectives
  • Select blends that provide reproducible and accurate results so you can be confident in the data you provide to regulators and enable consistently high manufacturing yields
  • Let us support you with shelf-life determination of your custom blends
  • With our custom blends you get Certificates of Analysis documenting that they have been tested by our quality control team

Custom Synthesis

Support your custom synthesis requirements with the help of our skilled synthetic organic chemistry team—whose knowledge is based on over 50 years of experience—and our custom manufacturing capabilities.

  • Developing emerging technologies and scaling chemistries from gram to multi-kilogram quantities
  • Processing air-sensitive materials
  • Carrying out reactions over temperature conditions ranging from –70 to 250°C
  • Providing full documentation and traceability of International Organization for Standardization certification (ISO 9001) to show compliance with quality management and operating systems standards

Custom Manufacturing

With years of manufacturing experience and access to an extensive database of production methods for over 8,000 products, we can produce the chemicals you need.

Count on our experienced chemists at two production laboratories in our Heysham, United Kingdom, facility who specialize in chemical synthesis. In addition to emphasizing method development, they use an RC1 reaction calorimeter—the gold standard in reaction calorimetry—to back their work.

Whether you need gram or hundred-kilogram quantities, call on our team to produce a wide range of products that come with the detailed, reliable documentation you need for thorough scale-up and process safety studies.

If you’re looking for other types of custom items or existing products, rely on our specialty teams to match your requirements to the production site that will produce the materials. We also offer flexible custom manufacturing services that produce products with the assurance of full confidentiality and can enter into Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to protect your intellectual property.

Rest assured that we employ advanced quality control systems for both in-process and final testing phases. The high standards of our modern quality control and assurance facilities are matched by the expertise of our experienced staff.

Through effective communication with our customers and the development of strong, long-lasting relationships, we are able to deliver the world-class service your business deserves.



Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Returnable Containers

When handling large quantities of high-purity solvents, choose the FisherPak™ Solvent Delivery System to enhance safety and reduce your environmental impact. Using this rotational supply chain model, you can get solvents delivered to your laboratory or production facility securely and efficiently in returnable containers, including stainless-steel barrels/drums, intermediate bulk containers (IBC), and container totes.

You can make a substantial environmental impact when you receive bulk solvents in FisherPak containers:

  • A single 200 L (44 gal.) returnable barrel/drum replaces eighty 2.5 L or 50 4 L glass bottles, plus the cardboard boxes and packing materials used for shipping
  • The closed returnable container system reduces the release of flammable and toxic vapors into the environment through a unique combination of mechanical and manual controls
  • Using returnable containers also helps increase safety in laboratory and production environments; the bottle-free system reduces glass breakage and the likelihood of chemical spills and the movement of metal containers around the facility reduces glass transportation risks
Sustainable with Boxes and Containers
Custom and Bulk Chemical Services Capabilities

Custom and Bulk Chemical Services Capabilities

Learn more about the high-volume solvent and blend options available through our returnable container program.

Download Custom and Bulk Chemical Services Brochure (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Contact Us

Learn More About Custom and Bulk Chemical Services

Fill out this form to request that a sales representative contact you about our Custom and Bulk Chemical Services and to determine the optimal container fleet size and accessories for your FisherPak™ Solvent Delivery System.

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The FisherPak Delivery System helps you safely handle large quantities of high-purity solvents. Almost 200 lb. of waste are eliminated by each 200 L FisherPak.

Learn More About FisherPak

SmartPack Chemical Packaging Solutions

Work smarter and transport products more safely with SmartPack chemical packaging enhancements, including the addition of QR codes that link to certificates of analyses and SDSs.

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