Biology Classroom Genetics

Edvotek™ DNA Fingerprinting by PCR Amplification

Demonstrates the utility of DNA amplification in forensics.

Lab-Aids™ DNA-, RNA-Protein Synthesis Modeling Kit

Demystifies the DNA/RNA connection in protein synthesis, replication, transcription and translation is modeled and experience how information stored in DNA is expressed as a finished protein.

K'NEX Education™ DNA Replication and Transcription Set

This wonderfully flexible set demonstrates DNA and mRNA molecules and processes.

Lab-Aids™ DNA Fingerprinting Diagnostics (Replication, PCR and RFLP)

Construct specific genes with the characteristic nucleotide configuration for cystic fibrosis, observe the difference between normal and mutant genes, understand how the disease can be diagnosed by two methods of DNA analysis, demonstrates amplification and PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and simulate gel electrophoresis.

Lab-Aids™ Nucleic Acid Molecular Structure Kit

Construct 3-dimensional models of basic components of RNA and DNA. Build nucleotides, link them and form a DNA model.

Eisco™ Genetic Traits Taste Testing Strips

Demonstrate how the ability to taste a certain compound is based on heredity.

Lab-Aids™ Genetic Concepts Kit

Rediscover Mendel's Law of Genetics, simulate gametogenesis and fertilization and develop understanding of purebred inheritance, hybrid inheritance with one allelic pair and dihybrid cross with allelic pairs. Understand co-dominance or blending and Law of Dominance and explore Law of Segregation and Recombination as well as Law of Independent Assortment.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating and Applying Genetics Kit

Understand genotype and phenotype and the pattern and mechanism of inheritance for Mendelian traits. Investigate independent assortment of unlinked traits.

Edvotek™ What Does DNA Look Like?

Gain an appreciation for the physical nature of DNA.

Lab-Aids™ Human Genetics Experiment

Develop a controlled experiment and collect data from self and family members, understand and demonstrate principles of heredity and the relationship of dominant and recessive traits and construct a family tree for a single trait in their family.

Edvotek Quick Plants™ Seeds

From seed to flower in 6-7 weeks.

Edvotek™ In Search of My Father

Solve the mystery of two boys separated from their parents a decade ago.

Edvotek™ How Do You Clone a Gene?

Gain an understanding of the structure of DNA, a genetically engineered clone and how genes are cloned in plasmids.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Selective Breeding Kit

In this series of two activities, students explore inherited traits.