STEM and Career Education

H-B Instrument™ Durac™ Liquid Crystal Disposable Body Thermometer

Fast and reliable method to monitor temperature.

Celestron™ LCD Digital Microscope II

Professional-level biological LCD microscope

Electronic Digital Micrometer

Offers metric/inch conversion, origin setting, data hold, relative/absolute measuring and tolerance setting.

Innovating Science™ Blood Typing Kits with Simulated Blood

Determine the ABO or ABO/Rh blood type of four unknown samples.

Solid Hard Maple Meter Sticks

Premium quality, solid North American Maple.

Ken-A-Vision™ FlexCam 2 Digital High-Definition Camera

Innovative, sleek document camera allows real-time streaming of camera images.

Ken-A-Vision™ Kena™ 3-in-1 Digital Microscope

The only 3-in-1 digital microscope designed for the classroom. Kena combines the capabilities of a compound microscope, stereoscope and handheld discovery scope in one fun, easy-to-use digital learning tool.

Eisco™ NeuLog™ Oxygen Logger Sensor

Measures levels of free-oxygen in air or dissolved oxygen in water in the classroom or field.

2.0 Megapixel USB Digital Microscope

Ideal for close-up inspection and recording including microscopic measurements software.

Texas Instruments™ TI-30X IIS Calculator

Combine basic scientific and trigonometric functions.

Dynalon™ Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape

Improve sterilization processes with temperature indicators. The Kartell Dry Heat Sterility Indicator Tape changes color to indicate products have attained temperatures for dry heat sterilization.

Swift™ M3700 WiFi Series Advanced Microscope

Built-in high-resolution streaming WiFi camera sets this microscope apart from others.

Hemastix™ Reagent Strips

Quick-and-easy test can be used right at the crime scene.

Eisco™ Micro Plus Stethoscope

High grade, stainless steel stethoscope for adults. Includes spare ear tips and diaphragm for comfort.

Eisco™ NeuLog™ USB Connection Module

The USB module is the first in a chain of sensors connected to a USB port of the PC. It provides both power from the PC to the sensors and communication between the PC and the sensors. It operates with OSX, XP, Vista and Windows7. Connects to a PC using a standard USB - mini USB cable (included).

Innovating Science™ Blood Typing Anti-Sera

For blood typing using real human blood. 5 mL vials contain enough antisera for 75 students. Sample will keep over one year with proper refrigeration.

Eisco™ Economy Electricity Kit

Ideal for introductory electronics. EISCO Economy Electricity Kit is a basic assortment of circuit components.

Texas Instruments™ TI-Nspire™ CX CAS Handheld

A virtual and real-world way to explore science.

Eisco™ Micrometer Screw Gauge

Providesa accuracy, perfect for a hobbyist or student

Texas Instruments™ TI-1795SV Calculator

For educational users and students. Texas Instruments™ TI-1795SV Calculator is large, easy-to-read eight-digit LCD display, tilted to prevent glare.

Ken-A-Vision™ CoreScope 2 Cordless Microscopes: Floating Stage

Affordable way to introduce students to microscopy.

Longwave UV Mini Light Source

For use in crime scene search and forensic applications.

3B Scientific™ Animal Cell Model

Shows form and structure of a typical animal cell as viewed from an electron microscope.

Eisco™ Dial Type Blood Pressure Apparatus

Dial type apparatus with hook-and-loop type fastening cuff.

Eisco™ NeuLog™ pH Logger Sensor

Measures the static pH of common liquids and changing values in titrations.

Eisco™ NeuLog™ Voltage Logger Sensor

Measures voltages across various resistive capacitive and inductive components.

Optical 4.5X LumiLoupeÖ Power Stand Magnifier

Ideal for viewing insects, plants, maps and graphics

Eisco™ Electrostatic Friction Rod Kit

Use to study static electricity by creating charges with different materials.

Eisco™ Vernier Calliper

Plated steel, columbus type calliper enables the user to read either inside, outside or depth measurements.