Cellular Imaging Instrumentation

Invitrogen™ Countess™ II Automated Cell Counter DFS Item

Count live and dead cells and measure viability in as little as 10 seconds

Invitrogen™ Countess™ II FL Automated Cell Counter DFS Item

Cell counting and viability in < 10 seconds with no need to buy slides or tips. Two optional user-changeable fluorescence channels with over 20 light cubes to choose from

Invitrogen™ Countess™ II FL Automated Cell Counter Starter Kit DFS Item

Starter kit for the Countess™ II FL Automated Cell Counter includes Countess II FL Cell Counter, reusable slide, 500 disposable slides, GFP light cube and RFP light cube

Ken-A-Vision™ PupilCAM™ Microscope Camera

Adds a video camera to microscopes and stereoscopes.

Thermo Scientific™ HCS Studio™ 2.0 Cell Analysis Software DFS Item

Acquire and analyze cellular imaging and data with a premier high content instrument control, visualization, and analysis software.

Fisher Science Education™ Moticam™ Digital Microscope Camera

Use your own microscope to capture high-resolution still or video images with the Moticam Digital Microscope Camera.

UVP ChemiDoc-It2™ 810 Imager

For high resolution, high sensitivity image capture and extensive quantitative analysis of chemiluminescent blots and fluorescent gels

Ken-A-Vision™ FlexCam 2 Digital High-Definition Camera

Innovative, sleek document camera allows real-time streaming of camera images.

Fisherbrand™ Moticam™ Digital Cameras

Digital microscope camera with Motic software to create still or moving images on computer

Thermo Scientific™ X1 Upgrade for ArrayScan™ VTI HCS Reader DFS Item

Upgrade your high content analysis reader to the latest technology with a new large field of view camera and computer.

EVOS™ Vessel Holders Pack

Provides snug and secure fit of microscope slide, cell culture flask or dish, or micro-well plate to the stage of the EVOS imaging systems

Carl Zeiss™ C-mount Camera Adapter

Adapts specific Zeiss microscopes for use with still or video camera

Thermo Scientific™ Store™ Informatics Software DFS Item

Store and manage data automatically for rapid, highly scalable, global access to all HCS data.

Objective Lenses for ArrayScan™ and CellInsight™ High-Content Platforms DFS Item

Expand the functionality of your Thermo Scientific™ high-content instrument

EVOS™ Vessel Holders and Stage Plates

EVOS™ vessel holders and stage plates fit a wide range of vessels, flasks, plates, dishes, and slides.

Invitrogen™ Celleste™ Image Analysis Software

Provides a comprehensive suite of image analysis and visualization tools in a format designed for usability and efficiency. Invitrogen™ EVOS™ Celleste™ Image Analysis Software offers powerful image visualization and analysis functionalities with point-and-click simplicity.