Spatulas, Forceps and Utensils

GSC Single Burette Clamp

A clamp specifically designed to use with burettes. The GSC Burette Clamp Single with Jaws is a cast-aluminum clamp with nickel-plated steel thumb-screw.

Dissection Pans and Pads

Keep specimens looking fresh between dissection periods.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Round Lead Ring Flask Weights with Vikem™ Vinyl Coating

Protects and stabilizes expensive glassware. SP Scienceware™ Round Lead Ring Flask Weights with Vikem™ Vinyl Coating reduces floating, breakage and chemical spills.

Signature Series Augers

Gather the samples you need regardless of soil type.

Fisherbrand™ Porcelain Mortars

Glazed outside except bottom and unglazed inside.

Ergo Tweezers

Stainless-steel blades.

Eisco™ Thermometer Clamp (with Boss Head)

 For attaching to support rods up to 16 mm in diameter.

Fisherbrand™ Lab Knife Set

Ultramicro to heavy-duty cutting edges for slicing rubber tubing, corks, plant and grain samples, and paraffin.

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Disposable Stir Bars

The multifaceted magnetic stirring bar surface adds turbulence relative to similar size smooth cylindrical stirring bars

Science First™ 1.5L Water Sampler

Retrieves with ease — one line means no more tangles.

Applicators and Cotton Balls

Economical for use in blood-related studies or re-stocking first aid supplies.


Excellent lab tool.

GSC Alcohol Burner with Dual Wicks

A great addition to any lab in which a small burner is needed. Made of durable metal to prevent breakage. The GSC Alcohol Burner with Dual Wicks is an all metal, permanent wick alcohol burner with a capacity 100ml tank. The wick portion is a ceramic fiber inserted into a thin copper tube. This construction allows for constant flame. The burner is fueled by high quality alcohol which can be found in most local hardware stores.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Spinbar™ Magnetic Stirring Bar Restrainers

Fits ergonomically in one hand and when placed alongside the outer wall of a mixing vessel, it draws in and secures the stirring bar in situ.

Dissecting Needles, Probes, and Malls

Help students master dissecting techniques — choose the right needle and probe for the job.

Paoli Clay Company Dissection Pans and Pads FSE

Keep specimens looking fresh between dissection periods.

EISCO Scalpel Handles

Solid handles provide a good, firm grip during dissection.

Sharp Point Forceps

Steel construction ensures years of service in every kind of dissecting work.

Cork Borer Sets with Handles

Bore holes in corks and rubber stoppers.

Extension Clamps

Allow for variable distance between the object and support rod.

EISCO Double Burette Clamp

Suited to hold two burettes up to 100mL.

Eisco™ Heavy-Duty Razor

Heavy gauge with covered edge for safe handling.

United Mohr Pinchcock Clamps

Tubing clamps made of steel wire, nickel plated.

Economy Scissors

Every student can have a pair.

Teacher's Shears

Multi-purpose and very sharp.

Dogfish Shark Tray

Size accommodates larger specimens.

Fisherbrand™ Covered Lead Rings for Flasks

Protect and stabilize expensive glassware with these Vikem™ vinyl-coated lead rings.