Urine Collection and Analysis Systems

Fisherbrand™ UriSystem™ Transfer Pipets

Specially designed for UriSystem tubes

Fisherbrand™ UriSystem™ Collection Pack

Disposable products for the collection, delivery and testing of urine specimens

Fisherbrand™ Standard UriSystem™ Tubes

Bell-shaped tube for easy pouring

Fisherbrand™ UriSystem™ DeciSlide

Analyze up to 10 samples simultaneously

Fisherbrand™ Conical Tubes

Accurate, easy-to-read graduations.

Fisherbrand™ UriSystem™ Caps, Blue

Choose from five colors

BD Vacutainer™ Urine Collection Kits: Microbiology

Reduce the need to retest, relabel, and/or recollect specimens

BD Vacutainer™ Plastic Urinalysis Tubes

For the collection and transport of urine specimens. BD Vacutainer™ Plastic Urinalysis Tubes are sterile evacuated tubes with or without preservative to be used with BD collection devices. Available in many sizes with a round or conical bottom.

Greiner Bio-One VACUETTE™ Urine CCM Tubes

VACUETTE™ Urine CCM Tubes offer immediate sample stabilization for improved preanalytics

Greiner Bio-One Urine Collection Beaker

Sterile with Integrated Transfer Device

BD Vacutainer™ Urine Collection Devices

With integrated sampling device.

Globe Scientific TransferTop™ Urine Collection and Transfer Container

Globe Scientific TransferTop™ Urine Collection and Transfer Container feature an integrated transfer mechanism for closed system transfer of urine samples directly from the cup to a vacuum sample tube.

BD Vacutainer™ Urine Collection Kits: Urinalysis

Reduce the need to retest, relabel, and/or recollect specimens

Globe Scientific Quick-Read Urinalysis Test Slide

Utilizes pre-calibrated circles in the viewing chambers to accurately count cellular elements in urine sediment

KOVA™ System Pac II

Complete with specially engineered microscopic slides, sample tubes , and custom pipettes or “petters” for reliable, simple and effective workflow standardization

Fisherbrand™ Urine Sedimentation System, Complete Urine Kit and Specimen Transport

Designed to generate the same results as the most popular urine sedimentation system using the same test procedure, the Fisherbrand Urine Sedimentation System features a 15mL graduated urine tube that produces 1mL of urine containing sediment for further evaluation.

Greiner Bio-One Urine Collection Tubes

For collection and transport of urine specimens

BD Vacutainer™ Urine Collection Kits: Combination

Reduce the need to retest, relabel, and/or recollect specimens

KOVA™ Economy Tubes

Transport, centrifuge and decant tubes guard against sample loss

PDC Healthcare UR-Assure™ Pediatric Urine Collectors DFS Item

Comfortable fit for infants and young children

Fisherbrand™ UriSystem™ Rack

Fast, effortless decanting

KOVA™ Petters

Multipurpose plastic transfer pipette designed for contamination-free decanting

Therapak™ Urine Cytology Collection and Transport Kit

Designed for labs performing urine cytology or FISH testing

Therapak™ Foil-Top Collection Kits

Available in single- or split-specimen collection kits

Fisherbrand™ Urinalysis System

For specimen collection and transport

Greiner Bio-One Urine System Accessories

For hygienic transfer of urine from collection devices

Therapak™ Single-Specimen Collection

Suitable for on-site testing or remote site collection

KOVA™ Tube Caps

KOVA Tube Caps provide secure fit during transport and storage of specimens

Greiner Bio-One Urine Set

Urine Sets contain a VACUETTE™ urine tube and urine transfer unit.