Fingerprint Identification Poster

Analyze fingerprints like a professional investigator.

Eisco™ Optical Lens

Eisco lenses are spherical, optically worked glass with ground edges and highly polished making them ideal for classroom experiments.

NOVA™ The Elegant Universe DVD

Investigates the “Theory of Everything”.

Middle School Earth Science Bulletin Board Set

An informative earth science themed bulletin board.

Current Flow Activity Model

Great tool for density and weather studies.

The Virus

Introduce your students to the structure of a virus.

Human Physiology Charts

Explain the major functional systems of human anatomy and physiology.

Contemporary Chemistry

From essential chemical concepts and ideas to the importance of chemistry in daily life.

American Educational Products Mitosis Model Activity Set

Details the five phases of mitosis.

Aldon™ Chemical Inventory Management System

Helps you reach your safety goals by providing access to chemical management data from as many as 20 buildings in one school district.

Discovery Education™ Greatest Discoveries With Bill Nye: Astronomy

Bill Nye explores the history and 20th-century advancements in the field of Astronomy

Common Minerals and Their Uses Poster

Highly detailed photos of common materials and their applications in our daily lives.

3B Scientific™ Functional Skeleton

Lifesize skeleton with easy-to-move limbs.

Invertebrate Set

Enhance your slide collection with this fine survey set.

Discovery Education™ Matter and Energy VHS Video/DVD

An overview of matter and energy.

SkyMaster Binoculars

15X magnification porro prism binoculars ideal for astronomical viewing or for terrestrial use, especially over long distances.

American Educational Products Periodic Table in Earth and Sky

Laminated chart features 117 clear photos.

Insect Diversity Display Mount

Specimens represent some of the most common orders of insects.

Science First™ Cloud Chamber

Study the rate of alpha decay and range of alpha particles.