Fingerprint Identification Poster

Analyze fingerprints like a professional investigator.

Chemical and Mechanical Weathering of Rocks Lab Investigation

Explore how weathering affects the Earth's surface.

1/2 A3-4T Engine Bulk Pack

Perfect for launching mini-engine rockets.

Fisherbrand™ Mini Dissection Guide to the Bony Fish

Easy-to-understand text and detailed illustrations.

Elementary Classmate Planetarium

Orrery planetarium demonstrates individual concepts, one at a time

Scout Compact Binoculars

Provide superior optical quality in a compact, portable size.

Science First™ Contour Map Making Kit

Learn how to read and make contour maps.

Weather Maps

Notebook-size maps promote individual study of weather forecasting.

Eisco™ Lenz Law Kit

Demonstrates concepts involving Farady law, magnetism and eddy currents.

Complete Cartesian Diver Kit

Cartesian diver demonstrates Archimedes' principle of buoyancy.

Eisco™ Magnetic Ceramic Ring

Eisco circular ceramic magnet is ideal for classroon laboratory experiments.

EISCO Air Cored Solenoid

Study electricity and magnetism using an external magnetic field. The EISCO Air Cored Solenoid is excellent for studying electricity and magnetism in experiments requiring an external magnetic field.

American Educational Products Fossil Collections

Fossils of some of the earliest life forms.

American Educational Products Earth Science Collections

Seventy-five number-coded rocks and minerals.

North/South Alnico Bar Magnets

Engraved with North and South markings.

American Educational Products Ocean Floor Raised-Relief Map

Dramatic map of the world captures the geography of the land and the ocean floor.

Backyard Pets

Activities for Exploring Wildlife Close to Home

Alfa Aesar™ Optical Windows

Available in different materials and dimensions

Millikan Apparatus

Shows the discreteness of an electronic charge and measures the charge on an electron.

General Biology Slide Set D, CD-ROM

Features photomicrographs, a testing program and copy-masters.

Plant Press and Botanical Driers

Dry specimens fast while keeping color intact.

EISCO Boyle's Law Demonstration Apparatus, Simple Form

Show the effects of volume on pressure with this easy-to-use device.

Optics Set

Explore the world of light reflection and defraction.