Fingerprint Identification Poster

Analyze fingerprints like a professional investigator.

American Educational Products Microslides Heterotrophic Nutrition

Helps students to study heterotropic nutrition.

American Educational Products Electromagnetic Spectrum Chart

Unique chart showsvastness and variety of the electromagnetic spectrum.

3B Scientific™ Deluxe Human Skeleton

Medical-grade skeleton works for both instructional illustration and chiropractical demonstration.

Complete Optical Bench System

Quality, long-lasting instruments for use with a laser.

Biosphere CD-ROM

You run the ecosystem!

American Educational Products Sound Spectrum Chart

Displays pitch, tone, sound pressure level and more.

Science First™ Field Map Kit

Group and compare lab plots and see representations of electrical fields.

The Heart of America

Provides students with an accurate, lifelike view of the heart.

Super Science Magnet Kit

Experiment with magnets.

Red/Blue Bar Magnets

Demonstrate the forces of attraction and repulsion.

Visualizing Mitosis Poster

Graphic depiction of plant and animal cell division.

Leaf Shapes and Arrangements

Illustrate the diversity of leaves with this beautiful arrangement.

Anatomical Chart Series - 3D Raised Relief Charts

Let you feel texture and form of anatomical structures.

3B Scientific™ Demonstration Larynx

Enlarged to about 2.5 times life size.

Solar Spectrum Chart

Full-color solar spectrum chart.


Automatic watering makes starting seeds and bulbs easy.

EISCO Advanced Pulley Demonstration Set

Many possible configurations allow you to demonstrate a variety of concepts.

Eisco™ Model Amphioxus

Enlarged 150 times, showing features of chordates.

Discovery Education™ Physical Science Simulations CD-ROM

Perform hundreds of simulated lab experiments in a virtual lab.

Amperes Rule Apparatus

Simple apparatus demonstrates an important concept.

Dissection & Anatomy Series Videos and DVDs

Introduce proper dissection procedures and methods.