Diagnostic Tests and Controls

Fisher HealthCare™ supports you in every area of your facility. Browse through our broad selection of diagnostic tests and controls, and you'll be sure to find the right option for your clinic.

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Rapid Testing

Detect the C. difficile antigen quickly with the Alere C. difficile QuickChek™.
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Reduce False Positives

BD Veritor™ System’s adaptive-read technology ensures rapid, accurate results.
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Results in as Little as a Minute

Get fast, easy-to-read results with the Sekisui OSOM™ hCG Urine Test Kit.
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Ready-to-Use Convenience

Save time in accurately measuring therapeutic drug levels in serum and plasma.
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Featured Products

Fisher HealthCare offers a variety of diagnostic tests and controls to ensure proper treatment and diagnosis. Rely on Fisher HealthCare to partner with you to get your patients back on their feet fast.

Trust Alere for Accuracy


Alere Afinion HbA1c Control

Contains liquid preparations of stabilized porcine whole blood (Control C I) and human whole blood (Control C II).

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Fast and Easy Testing


BD Directigen™ EZ Flu A+B Control Swab Pack

Identify influenza A and B antigens directly from respiratory samples. 

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Ensure Accurate Results


Thermo Scientific™ QMS™ Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) Controls

Choose among three levels of controls for accurate testing with the newest TDM reagents.

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