Animal Research

Triethylamine (HPLC), Fisher Chemical™

CAS: 121-44-8 Molecular Formula: C6H15N

Fisherbrand™ Drosophila Products, BuzzPlugs™ Vial and Bottle Closures Edge

Nonshedding, dense weave of nontoxic cellulose acetate minimizes evaporation, keeps food fresh longer

Fisherbrand™ Animal Ear-Punch and Tags

Fisherbrand Ear punch are used for punching holes into an animal's ear for labeling purposes.

Fisherbrand™ Drosophila Vials Edge

Straight wall design minimizes the dislodging of food; provides more efficient racking, filling and plugging

Stoelting™ Cordless Micro Drill

Stoelting™ Cordless Micro Drill features carbide burr drill bits with a shaft diameter of 2.3 mm and are 4.4 cm in length

Kent Scientific CODA™ Monitor Single Channel Noninvasive Blood Pressure System

Allows to accurately measure mouse and rat blood pressure.

Kent Scientific Mouse Endotracheal Intubation Kit

Integrated anesthesia mask allows delivery of isoflurane before intubation.

Fisherbrand™ Drosophila Bottles

Wide base/narrow top design prevents fly meal from falling out when bottle is turned upside down

Kent Scientific Mouse Surgical Kit

Includes everything required to carry out surgery on a mouse.

Kent Scientific Rat Retractor Set for SurgiSuite Multi-Functional Surgical Platforms

For use with SurgiSuite and SurgiSuite-LG Multi-Functional Surgical Platforms.

Kent Scientific GenieTouch™ Infusion/Withdrawal Dual Syringe Pump

With easy-to-use glove-friendly touchscreen interface.

Kent Scientific VetFlo™ Vaporizer for Isoflurane with Funnel

For laboratory, veterinary anesthesia delivery.

Kent Scientific Mouse Retractor Set for SurgiSuite Multi-Functional Surgical Platforms

For use with SurgiSuite and SurgiSuite-LG Multi-Functional Surgical Platforms.

Kent Scientific PhysioSuite™ Monitor with RoVent™ Automatic Ventilator

Automatically sets respiratory rate and tidal volume.

Fisherbrand™ Drosophila Products Cheesecloth DFS Item

Keeps particulates and wild flies out of vials and bottles while meal is cooling

Fisherbrand™ Trays and Dividers for Shell Vials

Accommodate narrow- or wide-diameter vials

AIMS™ Dissection Tray

Environmentally-safe, wax-based pinning surface

Kent Scientific SomnoSuite™ Low-Flow Anesthesia System with Integrated Digital Vaporizer

Easy to use system is capable of anesthetizing up to two mice/rats simultaneously.

Kent Scientific SomnoSuite™ Module Upgrade: MouseSTAT™ Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor

For use with SomnoSuite Low-Flow Anesthesia System with Integrated Digital Vaporizer.

AIMS™ Single Temperature Warming/Induction Chamber, Full-Floor Warming, Large

Provides continuous warmth to animals being anaesthetized before surgery or recovering from surgery.

AIMS™ ATS-3 General Rodent Tattoo System

Lab animal tattoo identification system

Kent Scientific MouseSTAT™ Jr. Stand-Alone Pulse Oximeter

Helps provide accurate heart rate and pulse oximetry measurements in both mice and rats.

Stoelting™ Graefe Forceps

Stoelting™ Graefe Forceps are micro tweezers that are ideal for micro dissection of tissue and vessels and processing tissue in electron microscopy procedures.

Kent Scientific Mouse Intubation Stand

For use with mouse intubation kit.

Fisherbrand™ Animal Ear Punch

These instruments are available in multiple designs, including thumb-style, plier-style, or scissor-style punches. 

Plas Labs™ Flat-Bottom Rodent Restrainers

Apertures in the top and bottom provide easy access for injections or sampling

Kent Scientific SurgiSuite Multi-Functional Surgical Platform

Ideal for rodent surgery in laboratory settings. Kent Scientific SurgiSuite Multi-Functional Surgical Platform features ferro-magnetic stainless steel plate, homeothermic controls for efficient aseptic surgery.