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We now offer 25mL packaging on select products as an extra level of convenience for small scale experiments requiring extra dry conditions!

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When you select dry solvents packaged in AcroSeal™ bottles from Acros Organics, you're selecting reliability, integrity and convenience.

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Acros Organics Reagents and Fine Chemicals

The Acros Organics brand delivers consistent, high-quality organics and fine chemicals at great savings.

We focus on the evolving trends in organic chemistry, supporting research, development and product activities through a range of off-the-shelf products and expertise in sourcing, manufacturing and technology partnerships.

Acros Organics exceeds today's requirements for organic, medicinal, analytical and biological chemistry through an ever-expanding range of products and services. Our portfolio encompasses more than 30,000 products.

Benefits include:

  • Increased product availability
  • New and Improved AcroSeal packaging for air and moisture reagents with a puncture surface seven times larger than the competitor
  • Ease of doing business
    • Estimated delivery date
    • Enhanced substructure search capability
    • Product specifications
    • Typical applications and physical properties
    • Safety and handling information with GHS statements
  • Acros, Fisher Chemical, Fisher BioReagents™ and Maybridge are Thermo Fisher Scientific brands