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GE Healthcare HiScreen™ Blue, Ni and DEAE Sepharose™ Prepacked Fast Flow Columns

Used for method optimization and parameter screening

$144.47 - $232.00


Bed Volume 4.7mL
Diameter (English) Inner 0.3 in.
Diameter (Metric) Inner 7.7mm
Quantity 1 x 4.7mL
Height (English) 3.93 in.
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Buffer Flow Rate Storage Requirements pH Range Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Buffer Flow Rate Storage Requirements pH Range Price Quantity  
45-002-547 GE Healthcare
0.1M HCl, 0.1M NaOH, 8M Urea <450cm/hr. 4° to 30°C 3 to 12 Each for $221.00
45-002-546 GE Healthcare
70% Ethanol, 6M Guanidine Hydrochloric, 8M Urea <600cm/hr. 4° to 8°C 4 to 12 Each for $232.00
45-002-548 GE Healthcare
1M NaOH, 8M Urea, 8M Guanidine Hydrochloride, 70% Ethanol <450cm/hr. 4° to 30°C 2 to 12 Each for $144.47


  • Based on 6% highly cross-linked agarose with an average bead size of 90μm
  • Processed flow properties and high loading capacities
  • Bed height of 10cm is designed to allow method optimization and parameter screening
  • Easily connected in series to achieve 20cm bed height
  • Small bed volume gives fast results and minimal sample/buffer consumption
  • Combines high capacity with high flow velocity and low backpressure to reduce process cycle times and increase productivity
  • Reproducible results, scalable to BioProcess™ columns packed with the same chromatography media using the same linear fluid velocity

  • Bed volume: 4.7mL
  • Bed dimension: 7.7 × 100mm
  • Matrix: 6% cross-linked agarose beads
  • Average particle size: 90μm
  • Flow velocity: <600cm/hr or <450cm/hr
  • Material (Column hardware and column tube): polypropylene
  • Column I.D.: 7.7mm

Blue Sepharose

  • Prepacked with BioProcess chromatography medium Blue Sepharose 6 Fast Flow
  • Purification of albumin, enzymes (including NAD+ and NADP+), coagulation factors, interferons and related proteins
Ni Sepharose
  • Prepacked with Nickel Sepharose 6 Fast Flow
  • Purification of histidine-tagged proteins with Immobilized Metal ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC)
DEAE Sepharose
  • Prepacked with DEAE Sepharose Fast Flow
  • Weak anion exchanger (diethylaminoethyl group) BioProcess™ medium

Description & Specifications


3.93 in.
45 to 165μm
0.3 in.
1 x 4.7mL
1.5 bar
6% Cross-linked Agarose