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BTX™ AgilePulse™ MAX Large Volume Transfection System

AgilePulse™ MAX Large Volume Transfection System provides an advanced electroporation solution for fast, efficient transfection of up to 10 mL of cell suspension.

Supplier:  BTX™ 470200N

Catalog No. BTX470200N

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Includes a user-friendly, programmable waveform generator with patented AgilePulse™ technology, BTX™ patent-pending large-volume electroporation chamber, and proprietary BTXPress™ Cytoporation Medium T, optimized for large volume electroporation. IQ/OQ Now available upon request.

  • Scale-up
    • Transfection protocols readily scale-up from standard laboratory cuvettes to large-volume transfection in the AgilePulse™ MAX system.
  • Maximal Efficiency with Cytoporation Medium
    • BTXPress™ Cytoporation Medium T used with the AgilePulse™ MAX system has been optimized for maximal efficiency with a number of cell lines, including K562, A20, HEK293 and CHO-KI.
    • Compatible with a large range of transfectants including DNA, RNA, siRNA, and olignonucleotides.
    • Can be directly diluted in complete growth medium for post-electroporation cell culture.
  • Simple User Interface
    • All controls are operated with the simple touch screen on the front panel.
    • Data is quickly retrieved by USB key and can be analyzed for detailed pulse characteristics including pulse and pulse current.
  • AgilePulse™ Advantage
    • Transfection efficiency and cell viability are enhanced by specialized, programmable electrical pulse waveforms, particularly important for larger polynucleotide delivery such as DNA plasmids.
    • The patented AgilePulse™ technology combines a unique sequence of short high-intensity pulses to porate cell membranes, followed by long low-intensity pulses to further drive transfectants into cells via electrophoresis, while maintaining cell viability.


Large volume
BTXpress Cytoporation Medium T or Cytoporation Medium T4, large volume electroporation chamber
BTX Electroporation
50 to 1000 V
40 cm
20 cm
50°F to 104°F
10°C to 40°C
1 Ea.
25 lb.
12.6 in.
Touch Screen Display, Footswitch
CRISPR Transfections, Transfect Cells Such as Bone Marrow to Produce or Replace a Missing Protein, Deliver siRNA to Suppress Gene Expression, Deliver Genes for Permanent Gene Correction, Load Cells with a Drug for Drug Delivery, Cancer Immunotherapy, Transfect Eukaryotic Cells for Protein Production in Bioreactors, Large-Scale Production of Replication-Deficient Viruses
5 kHz to 1 Hz
Complete Electroporation System
AgilePulse MAX Large Volume Transfection System, Complete
15.7 in.
7.9 in.
AgilePulse™ MAX Generator, Large Volume Chamber Stand, Safety Stand, 5 mL Chamber (2 X), Cytoporation Medium T (500 mL) and 4 mm gap Cuvettes
0.200 to 1000 ms
0.050 to 10 ms
Up to 10 mL
11.3 kg
32 cm
Chamber Cable
Square Wave