Gas Detection Monitors

Bacharach™ CO2 Fyrite Fluid

For use with Bacharach Fyrite CO2 Indicator.

Burrell Scientific Tutwiler Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer

For determination of hydrogen sulfide in gaseous mixtures

Bacharach™ Fyrite™ CO2 Gas Analyzers

Fast, accurate and easy-to-use instrument for measuring and analyzing carbon dioxide

Bacharach™ Replacement Fyrite™ Fluid

For use in Fyrite Gas Analyzer for measuring and analyzing oxygen.

Koehler™ Instrument Copper-Strip Test Bomb

Precision machined stainless steel bomb inserts in copper corrosion bath for testing aviation fuels and natural gasoline

Dräger™ Carbon Dioxide (CO2) XXS Replacement Sensor

XXS Replacement Sensor, for use with Pac 7000, X-am 5000 multi-gas detectors.

MSA™ Gas Miser™ Demand Regulator for RP Calibration Cylinders

Supplies the exact gas flow for the connect instrument pump, removing the need to manually calibrate

Bacharach™ Repair Kit for Fyrite CO2 and O2 Gas Analyzers

Accessory for Fyrite CO2 and O2 Gas Analyzers.

MSA™ Toxgard II Gas Monitor: Sensor Kit, O2

This is a kit containing the MSA 10019727 oxygen sensor. These sensors are typically used in oxygen deficiency air monitoring, are normally exposed to ambient conditions, and are not operated below 2% oxygen concentration for extended time periods.

MSA™ GALAXY™ GX2 System Test Stand

Provides simple and intelligent testing and calibration of MSA gas detection

Labconco™ Inflow and Downflow Sensor Kit

Allows display of inflow and downflow velocities on the LCD information center on MyLogic™ Digital Display.

MSA™ Link Software CD-ROM for ALTAIR™ Multigas Detector

Link software CD-ROM for ALTAIR multigas detectors

Dräger™ Remote Pump Kit for X-am™ 1000/2000/5000 Gas Monitor

Accessory for X-am 1000/2000/5000 Gas Detectors.

Dräger™ XS-2 Sensors for MiniWarn™ Multi-Gas Monitors

For Detecting or monitoring oxygen gas

MSA™ Calibration Gas for ALTAIR™ and GALAXY™ Gas Multigas Detectors

Economical way to check the response of detectors.

Dräger™ X-am™ 3000 Gas Monitor: Calibration Gas Cylinder, 50p

Calibration Gas Cylinder for X-am 3000 gas monitors

MSA™ Model RP Calibration Check Kits

Quick and convenient method for checking the response of gas detection instruments

MSA™ Calibration Kits and Gases

Offers quick and convenient method of checking response of MSA gas sensors and gas detection instrumentation