Consumables and Supplies for Education

Fisher Scientific™ 300 Memory Water-Resistant Stopwatch

Memory storage for 300 lap times. Fisher Scientific 300 Memory Water-Resistant Stopwatch has an O-ring-sealed and shock-resistant ABS plastic case with nonslip rubber sides.

Fisher Scientific™ Min./Max. Thermometer

A safe alternative to glass thermometers.

Fisherbrand™ Labeled Wash Bottles

Polyethylene bottles with polypropylene closures to ensure leakproof dispensing.

Fisher Scientific™ Simultaneous Start Timer

Operates on all channels simultaneously. Fisher Scientific Simultaneous Start Timer has four countdown channels, a stopwatch channel and a time-of-day channel.

Fisher Science Education™ Remote Alarm RH/Temperature Monitor

Shows the exact air conditions in labs, hoods, cleanrooms, coolers, stockrooms, incubators, environmental chambers and chemical storage areas. Fisher Science Education Remote Alarm RH/Temperature Monitor is ideal for routine measurements, round-the-clock monitoring, all quality-control needs and critical experimental requirements.

Fisher Scientific™ Continuous Alarm Timer

Alarm continues until shut off by user.

Fisher Scientific™ Visual Alarm Timers

Easy-to-use timers. Fisher Scientific Visual Alarm Timers come with either an audible alarm or bright flashing LED visual alarm.

Fisherbrand™ Square Specimen Bottles

Perfect for storing and transporting specimens.

FRIO-Temp™ Glass Thermometers: Blue Organic Liquid Filled

Ideal for use in freezers, refrigerators, incubators, ovens and blood banks.

LaMotte™ Soil Macronutrients Test Kit

Make detailed evaluations of soil composition.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Ergopet™ Memory Pipettors

State-of-the-art memory pipettor provides precise results every time.

Straight Dissecting Scissors

Excellent for dissecting work.

MyChron™ Individual Student Timers

Enrich classroom activities in science, reading, mathematics, assessment, physical education and more.

American Educational Products Dropping Bottles

Store reagent solutions in these sturdy dropping bottles.


Indispensable “time management tool” for teachers and students.

American Educational Products Dropping Bottles: Replacement Pipets

Glass pipets for use with dropping bottles.

United Scientific Supplies General Lab Glassware Starter Kit

Glassware assortment designed for general laboratory use.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Transpette™ Eight-Channel Disposable Transfer Pipettor

Perform plate washing, media change and supernatant collection without the use of pipettors and pipette tips with this inexpensive, eight-channel transfer pipettor

Polypropylene Disposable Beakers

Disposable or steam-autoclavable for reuse.

Kimble™ ValueWare™ Graduated Cylinders

Have durable white scale and convenient marking spot.

Poulten Graf™ Multi-Fit Micropipette Tips

Provides volumetric accuracy for your pipetting needs. Poulten Graf™ Multi-Fit Micropipette Tips are calibrated and are available in standard sizes.

Teacher's Shears

Multi-purpose and very sharp.

Fisher Science Education™ DURAC™ Compact Sling Psychrometer

Measures relative humidity with weather bureau-type wet and dry bulb.

Lynn Peavey Fiber Duster

Popular powder applicator actually feels and performs better with use.

Lab-Aire™ II Labware Non-Electric Benchtop Drying Racks

For space- and budget-conscious labs.