Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporators

Heidolph™ Hei-VAP™ Rotary Evaporators combine the highest safety standards with maximum reliability. Well thought-out details, such as a detachable operating panel that allows for operation outside of a closed fume hood, make everyday work easier. This series of intelligent evaporators offers a solution for every requirement and budget.

All Hei-VAP models feature:

  • FDA-compliant, transparent and UV-resistant tubing
  • Non-sticking vapor tube with patented clamping sleeve that eliminates broken glass
  • Innovative ventilation and replenishment valves that enable maximum tightness and grease-free operation
  • A bath power cable coupling that complies with protection class IP67 to prevent corrosion and short circuits
  • A 210°C heating bath with safety handles and pour spout that accommodates 5L flasks

Every Hei-VAP Evaporator has an average 10-year lifespan backed by a three-year warranty, making Hei-VAP a worthwhile investment. 

Heidolph Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporators

See the features that make Heidolph Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporators ideal for your lab.


Hei-VAP Value "The Collegiate"

The Hei-VAP Value models are designed with a hand lift for all standard applications. Large dial controls allow for easy adjustment of rotation speed and bath temperature.

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  • Adjust the required angle of the evaporating flask individually according to your needs
  • Limit the height of your evaporating flask in just seconds
  • The patented flask clamp Easy-Clip cannot get lost due to a connection to the vapor tube coupling ring
  • Digital models come with a digital display for setting and viewing the actual heating bath temperature

Hei-VAP Advantage

The Hei-VAP Advantage models are designed for routine distillation applications and reproducible results. Choose between Hand Lift or Motor Lift configurations.

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  • Large digital 3.5 inches-LCD display that indicates rotation speed, heating bath and vapor temperature and allows you to monitor all parameters from a distance
  • With the motor lift, experience the advantages of the automatic process timer, which turns off your evaporator at a pre-programmed time and removes the evaporating flasks from the bath
  • Upgrade your Hei-VAP advantage to a Hei-VAP Precision with the Upgrade Kit

Hei-VAP Precision

The Hei-VAP Precision models are designed for the most demanding applications and the finest integrated vacuum control capabilities. 

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Choose between hand lift and motor lift configurations.


  • Large, 4.3 inches color graphic display features all parameters, integrated vacuum controller and includes programs for automated distillations
  • Integrated software support that leads you through the capabilities of the evaporator
  • Configure the unit and all connected devices will be recognized by the evaporator, eliminating the need to configure the unit manually
  • Built-in vacuum controller
  • With the motor lift, experience the advantages of the automatic process timer, which turns off your evaporator at a pre-programmed time by raising the flask from the bath

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Hei-VAP Industrial Rotary Evaporators

Safe and Quick Flask Removal from Your Large-Scale Rotary Evaporator

Scaling-up to the Hei-VAP Industrial 20L is simple. With Hei-VAP Industrial's unique integrated evaporating flask support system, one person can operate the evaporator and removing the flask takes just moments. 

Hei-VAP Industrial models feature:

  • A temperature sensor that powers off the bath in case of any uncontrolled heat-up 
  • A water-level regulation system to prevent water from spilling, and a self-filling water bath that keeps your bath from running dry
  • Intuitive touchscreen control for easy operation
  • Self-aligning flask support that allows for one-person operation

Heidolph Hei-VAP Industrial Evaporators

See the leading safety features, easy use, and reduced cost of ownership that Heidolph Hei-VAP Industrial Evaporators provide.


Innovative Vacuum Regulation for Rotary Evaporators

Different methods of vacuum regulation in rotary evaporators are compared according to their benefit for the user.

Essential criteria of such analysis are the process times, rate of solvent recovery, ease of handling and flexibility. Speed-controlled diaphragm pumps with automatic regulation feature obvious advantages and an extremely long performance life of wear parts.

Shakers & Vortexes

Shakers & Vortexers

Heidolph’s complete range of benchtop shakers provides six different motions, up to three dimensional movements, and three load capacities. All models have been designed with a low center of gravity, which prevents gliding at high speed, even on damp surfaces. For applications in microbiology, the insulated drive system prevents any heat buildup from the motor and, consequently, thermal damage to your sample.

  • An over-temperature sensor shuts off the unit in a dangerous heat-up situation, which is particularly valuable in cases of continuous operation
  • Optional incubator hood opens instantly and interlocks in any position
  • Transparent, non-fogging polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified (PETG) material offers unlimited visual reaction control at all times

Heidolph Hei-MIX Shaker Series

Learn more about the features of the Heidolph Hei-MIX series of shakers and see them in action.

Test Tube Shakers

Heidolph™ Test Tube Shakers are ideal for mixing samples in microcentrifuge tubes, vials and other test tubes of different diameters at extremely high speeds. The ridged orbit yields consistent results and is optimal for product dissolution


Reax Top and Reax Control Vortex Mixers

  • High-vibration frequency rates up to 2,500rpm for fast and dependable mixing
  • Strong 5mm vibration orbit is effective with high-viscosity media or solids in solution to produce smooth, even dispersions
  • Press to pulse (automatic mode) or opt for the continuous mode for non-stop vibrations
  • Includes plate for 20mm diameter test tubes

In addition to the features listed above, the Reax Control has an analog speed control dial with accurate RPM numbers and offers a constant RPM output, even at very low speeds and under changing loads.

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Multi Reax Shakers

  • Mixes 26 samples simultaneously
  • Includes adapters for 10 to 16mm and 16 to 32mm diameter tubes
  • A 3mm vibration orbit works especially well with larger and solid samples
  • Variable speed (from 150 to 2,000rpm) with a digital display for easy monitoring
  • Digital process timer for unattended operation
  • Timer intervals from 1 to 999 minutes with audible alarm and automatic stop

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Vibrating Platform Shakers

Heidolph™ Vibramax and Titramax Shakers gently shake small samples in microplates or microtubes.

Analog process timers allow for unattended operation and can be set for periods from 1 to 120 minutes. When the set time has elapsed, an alarm sounds and the shaker stops. Choose from five-load capacity and shaking orbit options.


Vibramax Shakers

A compact and space saving unit with a load capacity of 2kg. Optional attachment with tension rollers accepts any glassware size. 

Vibramax 100

  • Capacity: 2kg
  • Orbit: 3mm
  • Speed: 150 to 1,350 rpm (analog control)

Vibramax 110

  • Capacity: 49 test tubes (with optional attachment)
  • Orbit: 1.5mm
  • Speed: 150 to 2,500 rpm (analog control)

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Titramax Shakers

All Titramax models have load capacities equal to or greater than 2kg and space for multiple microplates. Use the analog control knob to adjust the speed from 150 to 1,350 rpm

Titramax 100

  • Load capacity: 3kg
  • Orbit: 1.5mm
  • Capacity: Four microplates

Titramax 101

  • Load capacity: 3kg
  • Orbit: 3mm
  • Capacity: Four microplates

Titramax 1000

  • Load capacity: 5kg
  • Orbit: 1.5mm
  • Capacity: Six microplates
  • Can be used with the Incubator 1000 System for applications that require variable temperature control up to 65°C

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Orbital Platform Shakers

Time and tranquility are required for the cultivation of cells. The slow and constant rotation of Heidolph™ Rotamax and Unimax Shakers keeps your samples continuously in motion.


Rotamax 120 Shakers

  • Load capacity: 2kg
  • Orbit: 20mm
  • Timer: 1 to 120 minutes
  • Speed: 20 to 300 rpm
  • Optional accessories, attachments and clamps for vessels of various sizes are available

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Unimax Shakers

Unimax 1010

  • Load capacity: 5kg (medium-sized)
  • Orbit: 10mm
  • Speed: 30 to 500rpm
  • Supports culture plates and Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Can be used with the Heidolph Incubator 1000 System for applications that require variable temperature control up to 65°C
  • Timer: 1 to 999 minutes (digital)

Unimax 2010

  • Load capacity: 10kg (large capacity)
  • Orbit: 20mm
  • Speed: 20 to 400rpm
  • Supports culture plates and Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Can be used with the Heidolph Incubator 1000 System for applications that require variable temperature control up to 65°C
  • Optional attachments for multitier configurations are available
  • Timer: 1 to 999 minutes (digital)

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Rocking Platform Shakers

These models are recommended for culture plates or bottles, media bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks to help cultivate cells. Choose between two different angle options: tilt angle of 50 for soft and gentle movements or a tilt angle of 100 for a much stronger motion. 

Duomax 1030

  • Load capacity: 5kg (medium-sized)
  • Orbit: 20mm (can be tilted from 50 to 100o)
  • Speed: 2 to 50rpm
  • Timer: 1 to 120 minutes (digital)
  • Supports media bottles, culture plates or bottles, and Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Can be used with the Heidolph Incubator 1000 system for applications that require variable temperature control up to 65°C
  • Optional attachments for multitier configurations are available

Reciprocating Platform Shakers

All Heidolph™ Promax Shakers are designed especially for phase separations using separatory funnels or applications that require reciprocating motions.

Promax 1020

  • Load capacity: 5kg (medium-sized)
  • Stroke Length: 32mm
  • Speed: 30 to 250rpm (digital)
  • Timer: 1 to 999 minutes (digital)
  • Can be used with the Incubator 1000 System for applications that require variable temperature control up to 65°C

Promax 2020

  • Load capacity: 10kg (medium-sized)
  • Stroke Length: 20mm
  • Speed: 20 to 400rpm (digital)
  • Timer: 1 to 120 minutes (digital)

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Incubator 1000 Modular System

This unique system lets you add adjustable temperature and visual control to your shakers. This system can be used with the Duomax 1030, Polymax 1040, Titramax 1000, Unimax 1010 and Promax 1020 Shakers.

Heating Module

  • Includes a safety circuit to prevent overheating
  • Heating capacity: 300W
  • Temperatures: Ambient to 65°C
  •  Accuracy: ±20° up to 500°C; ±40° over 500°C


  • Transparent and non-fogging PETG
  • Flat hood (H: 163mm) for microtiter plates, culture plates, small flasks, media bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks (100mL maximum)
  • High hood (H: 267mm) for large flasks and media bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks up to 500mL and medium sized or large common vessels
  • High hood XL (H: 428mm) for 2000mL Erlenmeyer flasks

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Overhead Shakers

Heidolph™ Overhead Shakers provide vertical rotation for effective mixing and separation of powdered, liquid, and biological samples, including elutriation with water.

Reax 20/4, 20/8 or 20/12

  • Easy and fast attachment of 4, 8 or 12 bottles
  • Speed: 1 to 16rpm (other speeds available upon request)
  • Optional attachments available for other vessels

Reax 2

  • Holds two vessels
  • Load Capacity: 1kg
  • Speed: 20 to 100rpm
  • Optional adaptors available for other sizes and numbers of samples

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Overhead Stirrers

Heidolph™ Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers feature powerful motors that guarantee the best mixing results and a shorter process duration. The maintenance-free motors and sealed housing reduce maintenance costs, and built-in safety features allow for continuous unattended operation.

  • Features highest torque in its class, yielding first-class results
  • Two-gear stage design guarantees the highest power over the entire speed range
  • An over-temperature sensor shuts off the unit in a dangerous heat-up situation in case of unattended continuous operation
  • Maintenance-free and non-sparking motor
  • Average operational lifespan of 10 years
  • Backed by a three-year warranty

Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers Series

See how Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers make stirring easier and more precise.


Hei-TORQUE Value Stirrers

Hei-TORQUE Value Stirrers are simple to operate and suitable for standard stirring tasks. They’re designed to mix and disperse media that require non-reproducible results in high-viscosity applications. Choose from models with 100, 200 or 400Nm torque capacities.

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Hei-TORQUE Precision Stirrers

Use Hei-TORQUE Precision Stirrers for demanding tasks that require reproducibility and documentation. Many additional features and operation modes allow for adjustment to your specific application. Choose from models with 100, 200 or 400Nm torque capacities.

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VISCO JET Impellers

The VISCO JET™ Mixing System is the result of the so-called cone principle. Turbulent flows are created at the taper end by acceleration, displacement and retardation. 

These flows advance through the stirred medium and result in the new dynamic mixing motion. The all-rounder for thick and thin.

  • Reduce your process time significantly while performing the best mixing results
  • One system for all mixing tasks for low- to high-viscosity media

The turbulent flow, which is created by a special cone principle even at low speeds is unique to the VISCO JET

Even with high-viscosity media and gels, which naturally do not mix when common impeller are used, you will observe an immediate flow through the entire beaker

This technology allows for the de-gassing of gels while preventing air intake and foaming

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Precision while using an overhead stirrer depends on the right choice of stirrer tool.  When choosing a stirrer tool you have to consider its different characteristics and its effects. This includes the flow that the tool causes in the medium, the adequate field of application of tools depending on the speed range, and the execution of the tool according to the viscosity it is destined for.

Blade and Half-Moon Impeller
These impellers are recommended for applications that require average speed and mixing tasks with little or average viscosity.

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Propeller-Type Impeller
These impellers are recommended for applications that require average or high speed and for mixing tasks with medium or high viscosity.

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Radial-Flow Impeller
These impellers are recommended for applications that require average speed and for mixing tasks with little or average viscosity of less than 500 mPaS. Ideal for gassing liquids.

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Anchor-Type Impeller
These impellers are recommended for applications that require a low speed and are for mixing tasks with medium or high viscosity.

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Magnetic Stirring Hotplates

Heidolph™ MR Magnetic Stirrers are designed for smooth to intense mixing and heating of low-viscosity fluids, and are a great choice for handling decomposing organic and inorganic substances. The unique Kera-Disk Aluminum Heating Plate provides fast heating times, and the wafer-thin ceramic coating makes heating plates both chemical- and scratch-resistant.

Pair your high-performance Heidolph Magnetic Stirring Hotplate with accessories like a temperature sensor, support and clamp, or choose heating baths, protective covers, heat-on attachments and StarFish Workstations.

Heidolph Hei-PLATE Magnetic Stirrers

See the value a Heidolph Hei-PLATE Magnetic Stirrer brings to your lab.


MR Hei-Standard

Designed for standard applications (no display or temperature sensor).

  • Speed: 100 to 1,400rpm (±2%)
  • Temperature range: up to 300°C
  • Safety circuit cuts power if the temperature exceeds 250°C above the set temperature
  • Optional temperature controller with sensor upgrade 

MR Hei-Tec

The MR Hei-Tec was designed with a temperature sensor for higher requirements and reproducible results. It features a digital display and allows for easy setting and monitoring of values in the illuminated readout.

Speed: 100 to 1,400rpm (±2%)

Temperature range: up to 300°C

Upgrade with optional Pt 1,000-temperature sensor for precise temperature control, overshoot protection and reproducible results

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MR Hei-Connect

  • Ideal for comprehensive process documentation and reproducible results.
  • Includes all features of the Hei-Tec and an additional RS 232 interface
  • Monitor and control your process with included Hei-Control software

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MR Hei-End

Designed for exact settings and customizable safety settings.

  • Hotplate residual heat indicator illuminates when unit is turned off but the temperature is still above 500°C
  • Safety circuit switches off if the temperature sensor is not immersed in a vessel
  • Upgrade with optional Pt 1,000-temperature sensor for precise temperature control, overshoot protection and reproducible results.

Heat On & Hotplate Accessories

Increase your Hotplates Capabilities with these Unique Heidolph Hotplate Accessories

All Heidolph Magnetic Stirring Hotplate Accessories are designed to make your heating and mixing safe and easy. From offering a greener alternative to your water condenser, eliminating messy oil baths and heating mantles, to helping you save time and reduce clutter on your lab bench.


NEW! Findenser - Air Condenser: The Greener alternative to your Water Condenser

This super air Findenser is comprised of an internal vigreux condenser and an external, finned aluminum jacket between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed. Not only does the Findenser provide excellent heat transfer but it also eliminates the need for water cooling. 

This system can be used for 95% of all common chemistry applications, replacing the need for water-cooled condensers.


How it Works:

  • The Findenser is comprised of an internal glass condenser and an external, finned aluminum jacket, between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed
  • The glass condenser is designed to have a greater internal surface area than traditional condensers, giving it increase heat transfer capacity
  • The finned jacket fits around the glass condenser further increasing the external surface area
  • The result is a super air condenser that performs as well as a traditional water condenser


  • No risk of flooding from running water
  • Eliminate water purchase and disposal costs
  • For solvent Volumes from 5ml up to 1 Liter
  • Helps meet sustainable water reduction targets

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Heat-On Attachments

The Heat-On attachments are suitable to replace oil baths and heating mantles in your lab and reduce the risk of fire hazards. Moreover the attachments minimize the messy oil clean-ups that result from changing oil or removing flasks from an oil bath. 

Heat-On allows you quick and safe personal heating and stirring of your round-bottom flasks. These attachments are by far the safest, fastest and most efficient method of heating and mixing solutions in round-bottom flasks from 10ml to 5L. All attachments are chemically resistant; their design ensures even heating without the worry for cracked or breaking glass.

Not all block designs are the same, test results show that Heat-On heats up to 66% faster and uses 30% less energy than other leading brands of blocks.

  • No oil baths or heating mantles required- safer operation with less clean-up
  • Can be used with all common hotplates up to 145mm in diameter; adaptor for 135mm hotplates available
  • Heats up to 200°C, and even up to 260°C for short periods
  • Solid aluminum for fast and even heat transfer from the hotplate into the sample
  • Lightweight and deep well design for increased surface contact contribute to fast heat transfer with added safety-no sticking or broken flasks to worry about!
  • Fluoropolymer coating for superior chemical resistance; optional anodized coating also available
  • Two prove holes allow use with separate temperature probe
  • Multi-Well flask inserts available for 10ml, 25ml, 100ml and 150ml flasks
  • Multi-tube inserts available for 16mm, 20mm and 24mm tubes and vials
  • Lifting handles available for the safe and easy transport of hot blocks immediately after operation

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StarFish Multi-Experiment Workstations

The StarFish Multi-Experiment workstation will save you time and reduce clutter on your lab bench by performing multiple experiments at the same time!

This workstation is a modular and affordable general-purpose heating and stirring workstation designed to fit on all leading brands of stirring hotplates. It's incredibly easy to use: Simply place the StarFish base plate on to your stirring hotplate, add the MonoBlock or PolyBlocks best suited for your applications, place your samples into the block and you're ready to go safely and easily. The StarFish features interchangeable MonoBlocks and PolyBlocks to accommodate all types of standard glassware from 1-dram vials to 500ml round bottom flasks.


  • MonoBlocks are single blocks with multiple wells of the same size; they are ideal for experiments that use the same size/type vessel
  • PolyBlocks are "pie-shaped" segments that you can mix and match (up to five) to accommodate various types/sizes of vessels on the same plate


  • No special glassware purchase required- user your own glassware and individually choose the appropriate attachments for your applications
  • StarFish workstations are ideal for Soxhlet applications
  • Great from simple heating and mixing tasks including chemical reactions, concentrations, extractions under vacuum and by providing protective gas
  • Anodized aluminum for strong chemical resistance and fast heat-up times
  • Optimized black and plate designs provide the most even heating and stirring- improve results of downstream experiments
  • 5-way and 3-way telescopic clamps come with silicone, Viton™ or Velcro™ sealing straps to hold flasks and glass condensers of any size
  • Water and gas/vacuum distribution manifolds distribute cooling water or gas to a maximum of five vessels
  • A wide selection of stirrer options ensures perfect stirring for your particular sample/ application
  • Takes less than five minutes to set up


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Reactor-Ready Lab Reactors

Whether you require a multi-vessel process rig, a small benchtop reactor or a complex parallel setup, Heidolph’s range of reactors has your application covered. With this lineup, multiple reaction setups can be replaced by a single universal reaction system. 

How to Order and Customize Your Reaction System

  1. Select the core system that best suites your application
  2. Choose a manifold and hose kit for one or two circulators
  3. Choose the vessel kit or kits you require by selecting the vessel volume and style
  4. Select the Heidolph™ Overhead Stirrer you require
  5. If you need a thermo regulator, hoses, hose adapters, thermo fluid or accessory glassware, select them from the accessory list
  6. If you need automation, add the control software and data hub


Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor

Patented, low cost, multi-volume lab reaction station for glass reaction vessels from 250ml to 5 liters.

The Reactor-Ready is designed as a universal reactor work station that can be used for different vessel sizes and different experiments. Reactor-Ready can easily and quickly be configured to suit the chemistry and scale you need for each project.

  • Rapid vessel exchange with quick-release vessel clamp and hose couplings
  • Range of single and double jacketed vessels from 10ml to 5L
  • New range of process vessels to mimic larger scale plant or manufacturing reactors
  • Triple support stand features heavy duty stainless steel support rods for strength and stability
  • Self-aligning stirrer coupling engages without the need for tools
  • Temperature range: -60°C to 190°C (subject to thermo regulator)
  • Innovative hose manifolds allow easy thermo fluid drain down
  • Wide range of accessory glassware including condensers, dropping funnels etc.
  • Optional software allows you to log & control stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps temperature sensors & other devices
  • Support system accepts all leading brands of overhead stirrers and allows easy, tool-free adjustment

**Vessel Kit and Overhead Stirrer sold separately. Hoses to connect the Reactor-Ready framework to your thermo regulator are NOT included. You will require hoses with an M24 x 1.5 female connection or appropriate adapters.

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Reactor-Ready Duo Lab Reactor

Supports two glass reaction vessels of different or similar volume from 100ml to 5L.

The Reactor-Ready Duo shares the same unique features as Reactor-Ready, except that it supports separate jacketed glass reaction vessels, The system can be configured to operate with a single thermo regulator that controls the temperature of both vessels simultaneously; or with two thermo regulators control the temperature of each vessel independently.

  • Rapid exchange of both vessels independently, with quick-release vessel clamp and hose couplings
  • Choice of manifold kits allow two vessels to run from a single thermo regulator or two separate thermo regulators
  • System accepts two overhead stirrers which can be operated and moved independently
  • Robust heavy-duty framework features solid stainless steel support rods
  • Two separate quick-release damps support each of the vessels independently
  • Large drip tray will retain vessel contents
  • Manifold & Hose kits must be ordered separately


  • Parallel synthesis or reaction optimization: Use similar or different size vessels and vary stirring speed, stirrer shape and temperature between vessels
  • Two stage reaction: Transfer reactant from one vessel to the other using vacuum or a pump
  • Single reaction vessel: Using the second vessel as either a receiving or feed vessel (where reagents can be pre-heated or pre-cooled prior to addition)
  • Use optional Control Software to control fluid transfer between vessels

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Reactor-Ready Pilot Lab Reactor

Save space, time, and money and prove your chemistry...

The Reactor-Ready Pilot is designed as a universal reactor work station that can be used for different vessel sizes and different projects. Reactor-Ready Pilot I ideal for process development, scale-up, pilot and kilo labs.

  • Rapid vessel exchange with quick-release vessel clamp and wide bore hose couplings
  • Range of single and vacuum jacketed vessels from 5L to 20L
  • Vessel manufactures at 1.25 to 1 ratio of internal height to diameter to mimic pant scale reactors
  • Dn200 vessel flange
  • Accepts all leading brands of overhead stirrer and allows easy, tool free adjustment
  • Compact stainless steel framework accepts all vessel sizes
  • Self-aligning stirrer coupling engages without the need for tolls
  • Temperature range: -60°C to +230°C
  • Innovative hose manifolds allow easy thermo fluid drain down
  • Wide range of accessory glassware including condensers, dropping

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Reactor-Ready & Reactor-Ready Duo Accessories - Hose Manifolds

These allow easy Thermofluid drain down. The inlet and outlet hoses from the Reactor-Ready vessel connect to manifolds attached to the support rod. These manifolds serve two important functions:

  1. Support the hose running from the vessel, thereby eliminating stress on the glass sidearm
  2. Allows thermofluid drain down which provides a quick and clean method of removing the thermofluid from the vessel jacket when changing vessels

By opening the venting valve on the (upper) outlet manifold, thermofluid drains from the vessel back to the thermo regulator under gravity. Opening the drain tap on the lower inlet manifold allows drainage to an external reservoir.

We offer two different Manifold and Hose Kits:

  • Double Circulator Manifold & Hose Kit, Includes: R/H & L/H Upper Return Manifold with Vent Valve, R/H & L/H Lower Supply Manifold with Drain Valve, 4x Quick-Release Insulated Hoses 60cm, 4x Sealing Caps for Hoses
  • Single Circulator Manifold & Hose Kit, Includes: Central Upper Return Manifold with Vent Valve, Central Lower Supply Manifold with Drain Valve, 4x Quick-Release Insulated Hoses 70cm, 4x Sealing Caps for Hoses, 4x Stainless Steel Blanking Plugs

Reaction Vessel Kits

These cost-effective vessel kits include the vessel and accessories you need to get started. The Pt100 probe and anchor stirrer included in each kit are matched to the vessel size. You can choose between 2 different types of Vessels each offered in several different sizes.

  1. Standard Reaction vessel Kits, Include: Glass Reaction Vessel, PTFE anchor stirrer paddle, PTFE Pt100 Temp Prove (w/Lemo plug for connection to the thermo regulator) and PTFE temperature prove adaptor
  2. Process Reaction Vessel Kits, Include: Process Vessel, turbine paddle, PTFE Pt100 Temp Probe (w/Lemo plug for connection to the thermo regulator) and PTFE Temperature probe adapter

Standard Reaction Vessels

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Process Reaction Vessel Kit



Reactor-Ready Pilot Accessories - Glass Lids

Precision ground DN200 lid and vessel flanges combine with PTFE collar and FEP encapsulated O-Ring to offer superior sealing performance. Choose the lid your require.


Distimatic for Hei-VAP Benchtop and Industrial 

Unattended and Continuous Evaporation


The Heidolph™ Distimatic was designed for continuous, unattended use, so you can save time and distill large volumes over night or during the weekend. Distimatic’s unique automatic residue drainage system offers a variety of new possibilities for automatic distillation. A wide range of settings allows you to customize Distimatic for your specific application. 

Distimatic features: 

  • Automatic refill, drainage of residue and discharge of condensate
  • Sensors that turn off the module and connected equipment in case of emergency 
  • Can be connected to any Hei-VAP or Hei-VAP Industrial model 
  • The small footprint allows Distimatic to be placed under a fume hood

Automatic Solvent Supply to the Evaporating Flask

A sensor measures the filling level of the storage tank and stops the distillation process as soon as the liquid is completely evaporated. Required filling levels can be set individually, and flask refill is achieved via valve control and under system pressure.

Automatic Discharge of Condensate

A valve matrix controls the continuous discharge of the condensate from the system into a temporary storage flask. Afterward, the collected condensate is discharged into the collecting tank by a diaphragm pump.

Automatic Drainage of Residue

The residue in the evaporating flask is drained into a collecting tank. The process then starts again, automatically refilling the evaporating flask.

Ending the Distillation Process

The process can be terminated automatically after evaporation is completed or manually at any time by the operator.


Sterilization and Infection Control Laboratory Sterilizer

The advance laboratory autoclave line features top loading and table top sterilizer from Tuttnauer with fast cooling, optional drying and waste treatment options. The advanced laboratory line provides a single solution for the full spectrum of sterilization needs including liquids, culture media, instruments, glassware, plastics, pipette tips, biological waste, contaminated media and other laboratory items. The autoclave is designed to accommodate for a wider range of applications. The user can choose to add the features needed according to the sterilizer's intended use.

With greater awareness of potential hazards, ever more stringent regulations, increasing emphasis on "green facilities and processes". Now more than ever, is it critical to decontaminate your laboratory's equipment, materials and bio hazardous waste. That's what Heidolph™ Tuttnauer™ is all about. For more than 80 years, Tuttnauer has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of laboratory sterilization equipment to safe guard you and your lab.


Economical Analog "M" Bench Top Sterilizers

These economical, manually operated models feature analog controls and gauges for simple operation. If you're tight on space, the compact model 1730M is the perfect choice for your basic sterilization needs.

  • 60-minute cycle timer
  • Temperature selection from 100°C to 134°C (212°F to 273°F)
  • Combination pressure and temperature gauge with peak indicator

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Automated Electronic "E" Bench Top Sterilizer

Every stage of the cycle, including water-fill, heating, sterilization, exhaust and drying, is microprocessor-controlled and completely automatic with these electronic models. 

The digital display continuously shows your temperature, pressure and running time. Four fully adjustable, single-button programs make these sterilizers easy to use and ensure reproducible runs. The hand battery backup ensures that all parameter setting and control are retained in the event of a power failure.

  • Sterilization time to 59 minutes
  • Temperature selection from 105°C to 137°C (221°F to 279°F)
  • In-line particle filter to protect valves
  • Electronic pressure and temperature sensors
  • Low-water alarm- sounds when reservoir needs to be refilled
  • Standby heating- keeps chamber warm for quicker cycles

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Other Automated Electronic Models available:

  • EP Models include Printer for GLP documentations
  • EA Models ideal for sterilizing wrapped and seals instruments
  • Kwiklave Model cuts sterilization time in half
  • Environmental Model meets EPA guidelines and is perfect for environmental labs


Vertical "ELV" Sterilizers

The vertical laboratory autoclaves are top loading autoclaves available in chamber sizes between 31 to 160 liters. 

ELV models have an advanced microprocessor control panel and chamber made for 316L or 316Ti stainless steel. For life sciences applications the Heidolph Tuttnauer line successfully meets the challenges in today's laboratories with a flexible range of features and a sophisticated control system.

  • F0 Software control - Protect your liquid Media, Save Time, Save Energy: An additional challenge with liquid sterilization is the need to prevent liquid media exposure to high temperatures for a long time, which may harm the quality of the liquid media. The advance F0 optional feature minimizes the time liquids are expose to high temperatures during sterilization thereby protecting liquid media saving your laboratory time and reducing energy consumption
  • Sterilization Temperature range 105°C to 137°C
  • Stores the last 200 cycles in built-in memory
  • 30 identification codes and passwords for access level control
  • Optional Fast Liquid Cooling - The chamber is surrounded by coils that are filled with a cold tap water to help rapidly cool down the chamber to a safe temperature, reducing the cycle time and protecting the load by minimizing its exposure to high temperatures (ELVC Models)


Large Capacity Sterilizers

Heidolph Tuttnauer offers an unmatched range of models that is available in three series: Compact, Mid-Range and Large Capacity. 

The sterilizer chambers range in volume from 120 to 1015 liters. Additionally, we design custom sterilizers and offer the end-user an unlimited amount of upgrades to choose from. Each model is available in either single or double door configurations.

44 and 55 Compact Series - Small laboratory Autoclaves with chamber volumes from 120 to 250 liters. These autoclaves are available with your choice of fully automatic vertical sliding door and manual hinged door.

66 Mid-Range Series - Medium Laboratory Autoclaves with chamber Volumes from 340 to 660 liters. These autoclaves are available with your choice of Fully Automatic vertical sliding door or Hinged door with automatic locking.

69 Large Capacity Series - Large Laboratory Autoclaves with chamber volumes from 510 to 1015 liters. These autoclaves are available with your choice of fully automatic horizontal sliding door or hinged door with automatic locking.

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