Physics Classroom

Intermediate Van de Graaff Generator

Create your own lightning.

Eisco™ Low Voltage AC/DC Power Supply

Offers AC voltages of 1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12V and regulated continuously variable DC voltages.

Diatonic Scale Tuning Forks

Harmonious chords familiar to piano players!

Eisco™ New Calorimeter

Double wall calorimeter of superior quality.

Deluxe Van de Graaff Generator

Demonstrates electrostatic phenomena.

Neodymium Magnets

Perform a variety of simple experiments.

United Scientific Supplies Create-a-Circuit

Handy kit makes it easy to create a circuit.

FLIR Systems Extech 382213 Digital Triple Output DC Power Supply

Power and test electrical components with a durable and adjustable power supply. The Extech 382213 Digital Triple Output DC Power Supply is great for bench testing, field service, hobby and telecommunication equipment.

Eisco™ Demo Van de Graaff Generator

Complete self-contained unit with discharger and accessories.

Eisco™ Light Box and Optical Set

For reflection, refraction and color mixing experiments.

Eisco™ Quantitative Spectroscope

A quantitative spectroscope for measuring wavelength and color of light.

Science First™ Basic Electric Motor Kit

Build a real working motor for classroom exercises, science fairs and more.

Orienteering Compass and Kits

Basic, accurate compass to get started with map and compass work.

Red LASER Blox™ Laser Pointer

For classroom optics demonstrations and activities.

Eisco™ Pulley Demonstration Set for Students

Simpler pulley set, with fewer components.

Eisco™ Regulated AC/DC 12V Power Supply

Use the two independent outputs on this power supply simultaneously.

Small Van de Graaff Generator, 200kV

Create lightning with these time-tested devices.

Neodymium Disc Magnets

For use in automobile and electronic devises.

Eisco™ Acrylic Equilateral Prisms

Set consist of highly polished acrylic equilateral prisms

3B Scientific™ Stainless-Steel Rod

Constructed from straight, noncorrosive stainless steel.

BD-10A High-Frequency Generator

Standard tester model.

Eisco™ Super Slinky™ with Stand

For better observation of wave behavior.

Eisco™ Economy Electricity Kit

Ideal for introductory electronics. EISCO Economy Electricity Kit is a basic assortment of circuit components.

United Scientific Supplies The Spillnot™

Uses the principles of Newtonian physics to keep the liquid in the container.


Workhorses in your physics or electronics laboratory.

Measuring Spoons

For age group between 5-13 years.

Eisco™ Bar Magnet Set

Alnico bars with keepers.