Glasses, Goggles and Face Masks

Thermometer Magnifier

Ideal for any application where fine divisions are read and accuracy counts.

Reading Glass Magnifiers

Three sizes for quick, convenient magnification.

BigEye™ Magnifier

Biggest hand-held magnifier available.

Contoured Chemical Goggles

Superior design offers improved optics, comfort, affordability and convenience.

LinenTest™ Magnifiers

Portable and lightweight.

BugLoupe™ Magnifier

See the finest details of any insect.

Mini Light Box Magnifier

Compact, free-standing unit for hands-free viewing.

LumiDome™ Magnifiers

Great for viewing fingerprints, coins, stamps, photography and miniatures.

Uvex™ Futura™ Goggles

180° panoramic view for better peripheral vision

Dual Lens Magnifiers

Ten versatile plastic magnifiers.

ColorFlex™ Goggles

Colorful, sparkling goggles are fun and chemical-splash resistant.

Carson™ Optical LED Attach-A-Mag™ Magnifier

Hands-free, fully adjustable, LED lighted Magnifier.

Remov-A-Lens™ Magnifier

The Remov-A-Lens is a 3-in-1, LED-lighted, hand-held magnifier.

Illuminated Fingerprint Magnifying Glass

Slips in a shirt or jacket pocket — always ready when you need it.

MagniGrip™ 4X Tweezers

Perfect for all those “little” jobs when you need an extra hand!

SureGrip™ Magnifier

Soft-grip rubber handles.

Hand-Held Series Magnifiers

Compact and easy to use.

Fisherbrand™ Impact Goggles

Lens coated to minimize scratching and fogging.

Clear Plastic Magnifier

Features dual lenses of 3X and 6X magnification.

Plastic Triple Magnifier

Three separate magnifying lenses.

V-Maxx™ Chemical Splash and Impact Goggles

Comfortable fit ensures protection — even for contact wearers.

Economy Ultraviolet Goggle Sanitizer Replacement Bulb

Replacement bulb for Economy Ultraviolet Goggle Sanitizers

RimFree™ Lighted Magnifier

Lighted 2X magnifier with bright LED lighting.

Dual Hand Lens


3M™ Centurion™ Safety Goggles

Visibility and versatility