Models and Model Making

Human Anatomy Activity Model

Take a guided educational tour of the body.

EISCO Model Upper Triple Root Molar with Caries 15 times Full size - 6 Parts

Longitudinal section through crown, 2 roots and pulp cavity.

Molecular Model Sets

Illustrate firsthand the significance of chemical formulas.

EISCO Disarticulated Skeleton Model

For students examining human skeleton.

EISCO Crystal Lattice Models

Lattices represent classic crystal structures.

EISCO Model Human Lung Right

Dissectable into 2 parts showing all the important parts.

EISCO Model Standing Urinary

3D model of male urinary system and its blood supply is free standing, enabling study from all aspects.

3B Scientific™ Adult Human Skeleton

Premier line of skeletal models offers educators medical-grade quality.

EISCO Human Head with Brain Model, Three Parts

Removable three parts model for detailed anatomical studies.

DNA and Sugar-Phosphate Molecular Model Kit

Designed to make the complex structure of molecules easy to visualize and understand.

3B Scientific™ Hand Skeleton Model

See bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, arteries, and veins in this four-part model of the hand and lower forearm

29-Series Pop Beads

Create models of DNA strand, DNA replication, RNA conversion, cell organelles, ribosomes, mitochondria and a nucleus.

Eisco™ Model Human Heart & Lung Models - 5 parts

This model is hand painted and numbered for student study.

EISCO Model Rectum

Model is 4X life size cut away model.

3B Scientific™ CT Bronchial Tree Models

Created using computer tomography data of a human male.

Styrofoam Balls

Low-cost alternative to wood molecular model kits.

3B Scientific™ Heavy-Duty Dust Cover for Skeletons

Suitable for all full-size skeletons and stand versions.

Teeth Anatomical Model

Cross-section of dentition and dental dilemmas.

3B Scientific™ Brain Models

Different separations of the brain expose different levels of detail and complexity.

3B Scientific™ Deluxe Human Torsos

28- or 24-part models are precision-crafted and hand-painted.

3B Scientific™ Skin Section Master Series™

Enlarged skin offers students a look at the scalp and foot.

EISCO Human Ovary Model

Anatomically accurate representation of female reproductive organs.

Plant Cell Mitosis Model

A graphic depiction of cell division.

Kidney Model

Detailed model shows blood supply and drainage.

3B Scientific™ Cro Magnon Skull

Representative of ice-age human.

EISCO Model Muscular Body

About 1/4 natural size. Useful in studying human superficial musculature.

Dimensional Man

Life-size and three-dimensional.