Classroom Astronomy

American Educational Products Periodic Table in Earth and Sky

Laminated chart features 117 clear photos.

American Educational Products Elements of the Universe Poster

Graphically exquisite poster gives detailed information of elements in the universe.

American Educational Products Mars and Moon Rock Kit

Collection of samples of rocks and minerals similar to rocks and minerals found on Mars and the Moon


Help your students understand our solar system.

American Educational Products Solar System Planet Poster

Depicts planet size differential, planet color and information about rings and moons.

Celestron™ FirstScope Accessory Kit

Expands the capabilities of the FirstScope telescope to make it more enjoyable and easier to use.

Celestron™ PowerSeeker Telescopes

Designed for the first-time telescope user; the perfect combination of quality, value, features, and power.

Celestron™ AstroMaster Telescopes

Dual-purpose telescope appropriate for both terrestrial and celestial viewing which is capable of giving correct views of land and sky.

Rainbow In My Room™

Amazing, beautiful rainbow in your room.

Celestron™ FirstScope Telescope

An ideal entry-level astronomical telescope.

Middle School Earth Science Bulletin Board Set

An informative earth science themed bulletin board.

Moon in My Room™ Light-Up Moon

Authentic detail with realistic moonscape.

American Educational Products Solar System Science Poster

Based on the eight-planet solar system, with Pluto addressed within the new definition of a planet.

Star Theater™

Turn the classroom into a planetarium.

American Educational Products Clever Catch™ Ball Astronomy

Test astronomy knowledge through play.

American Educational Products Orbiter Planetarium

Explain the cycles of day and night, the seasons, the phases of the moon and many other astronomy concepts.

American Educational Products Luminous Star Finder

Stars glow in the dark to simplify star identification.

American Educational Products Student Project Planetarium

Ideal for individual study projects.

American Educational Products Astrolabe Kit

Perfect for introductory classes in astronomy!

American Educational Products Copernican Solar System Model

Copernicus first suggested the heliocentric solar system model that we know today.