Instrument Lamps, Lighting and Electrical

United Scientific Supplies Miniature Lamp Bulbs

Ideal for use in various lab experiments.

OHAUS™ Hand-Held Scales

Convenient, compact and portable weighing capability in the palm of your hand. OHAUS Hand-Held Scales are small scales with sleek styling and convenient size.

Alkaline Batteries

For peak performance in high-tech electronic devices and high-use devices

Science First™ Mini Bulb Holder

Works with mini bulbs.

MilliporeSigma™ ech2o™ ASM Lamp

Limits the development of biofilm inside the storage tank

Eisco™ Round Flash Lamp Bulbs

Suitable for flash lamps, spotlights, panel lamps, etc.

GSC Go Science Crazy Mini Size Lamp Bulbs

Can be used as replacement for the Lamp Boards or as a component with any number of electrical experiments.

Value Work Flashlight

Nonslip, nonroll design light features krypton bulb.

OHAUS™ Valor™ 3000 Xtreme Portable Scales

Compact portioning scales offer high precision and extreme durability for the harshest environments.

MilliporeSigma™ UV Lamp for Laboratory Water Systems

For destruction of organic contaminants in water by photo-oxidation

OHAUS™ Pocket Scales

Great performance in a unique yet functional design.

Eisco™ Round Flash Lamp Bulbs

Suitable for flash lamps, spotlights, panel lamps, etc.

Eisco Bulb Holder M.E.S.

Ideal for incorporation into simple electrical and electronic circuits.

Heavy-Duty Batteries

For low-drain devices or devices that are used infrequently.

Classroom Compact Scale

Ideal for small classrooms and science labs with little counter space

Edvotek™ Long Wave UV Mini-Lights

Used to detect hydrolysis of fluorescent substrate.

OHAUS™ Gold Series Pocket Scales

Perfect for weighing jewelry, coins and small parts. OHAUS Gold Series Pocket Scales have large backlit LCD display and external calibration.

Photo Evidence Scale

Perfect for precise measurement when photographing evidence.

Eisco™ Round Flash Lamp Bulbs

Suitable for flash lamps, spotlights, panel lamps, etc.

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Digital Temperature Controller

Controls heating elements, cooling blocks, hotplates, or incubators

BioTek™ Liquid Handling Control Software

Full PC control provided by LHC™ Software leads to increased convenience when programming important assay-specific protocol requirements in a familiar Windows™ environment. Fisher Scientific - BioTek Liquid Handling Control Software is ideal for use with BioTek 405™ Touch Washer, 405™ LS Washer, ELx405™ Select Deep Well Washer, EL406™ Washer Dispenser and MultiFlo™FX Dispenser.

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ UVP 3UV Ultraviolet Lamp

Photoactivate crosslinkers in UV-crosslinking methods with these compact, UV-lamps with 252nm, 302nm and 365nm short to long wavelength bulbs.

Fisherbrand™ Flexible-Arm™ Light

Three-point articulating arm allows lamp to be moved 360° and adjusted to any position