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Hamilton™ PRP™-3 Reversed Phase HPLC Columns

PRP-3 polymeric 300 Å columns for gradient separations of peptides and proteins

$924.35 - $2,862.52


Particle Size 10μm
pH 1 to 13
Pore Size 300Å
Pressure 5000psi
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Packing Material Column Type Diameter (Metric) Inner Length (Metric) Price Quantity    


Poly(styrene-divinyl)benzene Reversed Phase 10mm 250mm Each for $2,862.52


Poly(styrene-divinyl)benzene Reversed Phase 4.1mm 150mm Each for $924.35


PRP-3 PRP-3 7mm 305mm Each for $1,563.57
Description & Specifications


Particle Size 10μm
pH 1 to 13
Pore Size 300Å
Pressure 5000psi

PRP-3 polymeric reversed phase columns, packed with a poly(styrene-divinyl)benzene support, last longer than silica-based columns. Support is pressure stable up to 5,000 psi and crosslinked to prevent shrinkage or swelling when the mobile phase is changed. The support is entirely polymeric and there are no C18 groups to hydrolyze, column lifetime is longer.

Superior pH Stability

  • The inherent stability of PRP-3 columns allows their use for any protein purification method from pH 1 to 13. PRP-3 columns allow you to analyze protein purity at low and high pH extremes.
  • Protein Recovery
    • The 300Å pores on the PRP-3 support help ensure good recovery (>90%) of your protein. The highly inert poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) packing enhances protein recovery because there are no silanol groups on the support to cause irreversible protein adsorption
  • Wide Applicability
    • Easy to use and ideal for almost any protein separation, including pH conditions from 1 to 13, with organic modifier (0-100%) of virtually any type from routine to the unusual
  • Scaleup
    • A selection of column sizes are available from analytical to semi-prep and preparative scale. Sample scaleup is easy because the PRP-3 packing is consistent from analytical to preparative columns.
    • The short analytical (50mm) column is well suited for the gradient elution of high molecular weight proteins. The longer (150mm) column is well suited for smaller proteins.

    Product Features:

    • Particle size: 10μm and 12-20μL
    • Eight column internal diameters: 2.1 to 21.2μL
    • Two column materials: 316 stainless steel and PEEK
    • Analytical and semiprep/preparative guard columns
    • Custom hardware dimensions available