Animal Surgical Equipment

Fisherbrand™ Animal Ear-Punch and Tags

Fisherbrand Ear punch are used for punching holes into an animal's ear for labeling purposes.

Stoelting™ Cordless Micro Drill

Stoelting™ Cordless Micro Drill features carbide burr drill bits with a shaft diameter of 2.3 mm and are 4.4 cm in length

AIMS™ Dissection Tray

Environmentally-safe, wax-based pinning surface

AIMS™ Single Temperature Warming/Induction Chamber, Full-Floor Warming, Large

Provides continuous warmth to animals being anaesthetized before surgery or recovering from surgery.

AIMS™ ATS-3 General Rodent Tattoo System

Lab animal tattoo identification system

Stoelting™ Graefe Forceps

Stoelting™ Graefe Forceps are micro tweezers that are ideal for micro dissection of tissue and vessels and processing tissue in electron microscopy procedures.

Plas Labs™ Flat-Bottom Rodent Restrainers

Apertures in the top and bottom provide easy access for injections or sampling

AIMS™ Tissue Processing Pins

Pins used for holding tissue on blue dissecting wax

Stoelting Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument

The Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument was specifically designed for use with knock-out and transgenic mice.

Fisherbrand™ Animal Ear-Punch and Tags

Fisherbrand Aluminum Tag set of 100; numbered 1 to 100 with 100 washers

AIMS™ Tissue Processing Discs

For dissecting and inspecting tissue samples

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Mouse Restrainer with Dorsal Access

Quick, gentle immobilization allows hands-free dorsal access to perform subcutaneous injections without risk of being bitten and less likelihood of sticking fingers

Cadence Science™ Cancer Implant Needle

Needle provides simple procedure to obtain and implant tumorous tissue cells beneath skin of lab animals for observation while maintaining a sterile field

Plas Labs™ Rodent Injection Cone

Ideal for large quantity sampling which requires high speed and efficiency

Stoelting™ McIllwain Tissue Chopper

Stoelting™ McIlwain Tissue Chopper is used for rapidly sectioning living or fixed tissue without freezing or embedding to harden the tissue.

AIMS™ Surgery Platform

Can be used for surgery, micro manipulations, and general micro-utility functions such as organ inspections and dissections

Stoelting™ Alm Retractor

Alm Retractors can be used to actively separate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, or can hold back underlying organs and tissues so that body parts under the incision may be accessed.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Universal Animal Restrainer

For restraining small animals and rodents

Stoelting Rat Adaptor Kit, 45 Degree DFS Item

For 51600 series Rat stereotaxic

Plas Labs™ Animal Operating Boards

Useful for surgery, biopsy, necropsy, injections and basic restraint

Stoelting Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument Accessories

For use with Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instruments.

Plas Labs™ Rabbit Restrainers

Designed to minimize trauma

Plas Labs™ Broome-Style Rodent Restrainers

Ideal for injections or blood sampling

Stoelting Rat Adaptor Kit, 18 Degree for Rat Stereotaxic Series 51600 DFS Item

Nose clamp assembly and ear bars are included.

Stoelting™ McPherson-Vannas Spring Scissors

Curved and Angled Dissecting Scissors

Stoelting™ Restraint Cones

Stoelting™ Plastic Restraint Cones hold an animal safely in position for injections through the plastic bag, for decapitation, for cervical dislocation, or for examination of collected field specimens such as field mice or rats. The animal is easily loaded into the cone at the wide end, and heads for the breathing hole at the small end. Sold in packs of 50.

Stoelting™ Castroviejo Needle Holder

Stoelting™ Castroviejo Needle Holder is designed to give precise control for various needle types. Features include: Stainless steel

Stoelting™ Ugo Basile Rota-Rod

Stoelting™ Ugo Basile Rota-Rod is designed to assess the effects of drugs, brain damage, and diseases on motor coordination and fatigue

Stoelting Quintessential Stereotaxic Injector (QSI)

Program injection parameters (volume, rate and syringe specifications) using the easy-to-use touch screen control box.