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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Iminobiotin Agarose

Agarose beads of immobilized biotin (and iminobiotin) to strongly (or reversibly) bind and remove (or purify) streptavidin or avidin proteins and conjugates from samples.

Supplier:  Thermo Scientific™ LSG20221

Catalog No. PI20221



Thermo Scientific™ Pierce Iminobiotin and Biotin Resins provide for unusual affinity purification experiments involving clean-up or removal of streptavidin or avidin protein components.

Pierce Biotin Agarose and Iminobiotin Agarose are beaded agarose supports onto which biotin and iminobiotin moieties have been covalently immobilized. Typical avidin-biotin affinity procedures use immobilized avidin or streptavidin proteins to capture biotin-tagged molecules from a sample. Occasionally, however, the reverse situation arises in which immobilized biotin in needed to capture avidin or streptavidin components from a sample. These biotin and iminobiotin resins address this special situation.

Immobilized biotin binds avidin and streptavidin very strongly, making it appropriate for non-reversible binding applications. Immobilized iminobiotin is the guanido analog of biotin. The dissociation constant of the avidin-iminobiotin complex is pH dependent. At pH 9.5 to 11, the avidin-iminobiotin complex will bind tightly. At pH 4, the avidin-iminobiotin complex will dissociate. Thus, iminobiotin agarose can be used for situations requiring reversible binding and elution of avidin components.


  • Enable purification or removal of avidin or streptavidin samples
  • Resins are crosslinked beaded agarose onto which biotin or iminobiotin are covalently immobilized
  • Use Biotin Agarose for non-reversible binding (e.g., removal of avidin components from a sample)
  • Use Iminobiotin Agarose for reversible binding (e.g., non-denaturing purification of avidin)


Pierce Iminobiotin Agarose
Upon receipt store at 4°C.
Biotin Derivative
Affinity, Agarose Resin




For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.