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Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Rapid-Flow™ Sterile Disposable Filter Units with PES Membrane

Increase filtration efficiency. PES membranes and exclusive Rapid-Flow design provide fast flow rates and high throughput while defending against cell culture contamination.

$257.94 - $1,623.09


Membrane PES
No. per Pack 12
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Volume (Metric) Receiver Pore Size Diameter (Metric) Membrane Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Volume (Metric) Receiver Pore Size Diameter (Metric) Membrane Price Quantity  
09-741-88 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
50mL 0.2μm 50mm Case of 12 Each for $257.94
09-740-65B View Documents Thermo Scientific™
115mL 0.45μm 50mm Pack of 12 Each for $276.55
Case of 6 Pack for $1,659.30
09-741-200 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
150mL 0.1μm 50mm Case of 12 Each for $259.09
09-741-01 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
150mL 0.2μm 50mm Case of 12 Each for $266.00
09-741-00 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
115mL 0.2μm 50mm Case of 72 Each for $1,623.09
09-740-63A View Documents Thermo Scientific™
150mL 0.45μm 50mm Case of 12 Each for $289.09
09-741-201 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
250mL 0.1μm 75mm Case of 12 Each for $336.33
09-741-04 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
250mL 0.2μm 50mm Case of 12 Each for $341.91
09-740-63D View Documents Thermo Scientific™
250mL 0.45μm 50mm Case of 12 Each for $373.39
09-741-202 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
500mL 0.1μm 75mm Case of 12 Each for $564.27
09-741-02 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
500mL 0.2μm 75mm Case of 12 Each for $578.18
09-741-05 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
500mL 0.2μm 90mm Case of 12 Each for $578.18
09-740-63B View Documents Thermo Scientific™
500mL 0.45μm 75mm Case of 12 Each for $626.36
09-740-63E View Documents Thermo Scientific™
500mL 0.45μm 90mm Case of 12 Each for $626.36
09-741-203 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
1000mL 0.1μm 90mm Case of 12 Each for $723.34
09-741-03 View Documents Thermo Scientific™
1000mL 0.2μm 90mm Case of 12 Each for $778.30
09-740-63C View Documents Thermo Scientific™
1000mL 0.45μm 90mm Case of 12 Each for $849.18


Increase filtration efficiency. Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene Rapid-Flow disposable Filter Units with PES (polyethersulfone) membrane feature the exclusive Rapid-Flow support plate design, providing fast flow rates and high throughput. The last line of defense against cell culture contamination—low protein binding PES membranes with low extractables are the best choice for sterile filtration of cell culture media, serum, additives and buffers.

  • Filter cup unscrews from storage bottle for easy access to filtrate
  • Leakproof† (except 115 mL sizes) screw cap closure eliminates pH shift in storage bottle for longer life of stored media
  • Upper chamber of filter units is clearly marked with pore size, membrane type, catalog number, lot number and expiration date (except 115 mL size)
  • Padless membrane support minimizes foaming of proteinaceous samples
  • Non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic
  • Gamma radiation-sterilized and individually bagged for a 5-year sterile shelf life

Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane

  • Low protein binding to maintain protein balance
  • Low extractables to maintain media purity
  • Blue collar for easy identification
  • Asymmetric PES membrane plus unique Rapid-Flow support plate design provides fast flow and high throughput of fluids for increased filtration efficiency
  • 0.2μm units protect against bacterial contamination
  • 0.1μm units also protect against Mycoplasma contamination

115mL Sizes

  • Compact filter units for quick filtration of 50-100mL of fluid
  • Unitary construction with non-separable upper and receiver components
  • Not intended for post-filtration storage of media (use Rapid-Flow products if media storage is required)
  • 115mL sizes do not have Rapid-Flow support plate design


Polystyrene cover; graduated upper chamber and storage bottle (except 115 mL size); integral membrane filter; cellulosic-plugged side arm; quick-disconnect tubing adapter.

† The term “leakproof” applies to Thermo Scientific Nalgene products that meet the following criteria: a) Bottle/flask/funnel closure systems with closures smaller than 100mm, after they are filled with water, inverted, withstand air pressure of 2psig for 2 minutes, and no water escapes;. b) Bottle/funnel/flask closure systems of larger than 100mm after they are filled with water, inverted for 15 minutes, and no water escapes. Note: these tests, using other liquids, may not yield the same results. To ensure safe usage, customers are advised to test Thermo Scientific Nalgene bottles and closures under conditions of their planned applications. Thermo Scientific Nalgene products are leakproof at ambient temperature and pressure when used with their Nalgene closures.

Warranty: 90 days




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