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Eppendorf™ Reference™ 2 Pipet Packs - Pick-a-Pack Offer

Minimize risk of aerosol contamination and reduce thumb strain with these variable volume pipettes. Eppendorf™ Reference™ 2 Variable Volume Pipettes are ideal for pipetting and mixing liquids, filling of plates, gels and reaction vessels, and phase extraction and removal of supernatants. Available in packs of three, four and six.

$1,353.00 - $2,757.00


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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Includes Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Includes Price Quantity  
05-412-524 View Documents Eppendorf™
Four adjustable-vol. pipettes: 0.1-2.5μL, 2-20μL/yellow, 20-200μL, 100-1000μL Each for $1,861.00
05-412-521 View Documents Eppendorf™
Three adjustable-vol. pipettes: 2-20μL/yellow, 20-200μL, 100-1000μL Each for $1,353.00
05-412-520 View Documents Eppendorf™
Three adjustable-vol. pipettes: 0.5-10μL 10-100μL, 100-1000μL Each for $1,353.00
05-412-522 View Documents Eppendorf™
Three adjustable-vol. pipettes: 0.1-1mL, 0.5-5mL, 1-10mL Each for $1,622.92
05-412-523 View Documents Eppendorf™
Four adjustable-vol. pipettes: 0.1-2.5μL, 0.5-10μL 10-100μL, 100-1000μL Each for $2,232.25
05412525 View Documents Eppendorf™
Four adjustable-vol. pipettes: 0.5-10μL, 2-20μL/yellow, 20-200μL, 100-1000μL Each for $2,310.58
05-412-526 View Documents Eppendorf™
Six adjustable-vol. pipettes: 0.1-2.5μL, 0.5-10μL, 2-20μL/yellow, 10-100μL, 20-200μL, 100-1000μL Each for $2,757.00
05-412-527 View Documents Eppendorf™
Six adjustable-vol. pipettes: 0.5-10μL, 10-100μL, 30-300μL, 100-1000μL, 0.5-5mL, 1-10mL Each for $2,757.00


  • Integrated pipetting system with internal RFID technology
  • Serial number is printed on multiple components of pipette
  • Color coded and volume labeled pipette for quick identification of volume size/tip size
  • Round upper part of pipette makes it possible to work in every position
  • Four-digit display for exact, quick and secure volume setting (volume lock included)
  • Spring-loaded tip cone reduces effort during operation/ejection
  • Sturdy upper handle, movable parts and external edges made from stainless-steel make pipette robust
  • High flexibility with ability to remove single cones
  • Ensures continuous identical pipet alignment during work process
  • Fully autoclavable pipet with smooth surface and few rough edges
  • Single-button operation