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Thermo Scientific™ CarboxyLink™ Coupling Resins and Immobilization Kits

Covalently immobilize peptide antigens and other carboxylate ligands for affinity purification using DADPA-activated agarose beads and EDC crosslinker.

Manufacturer:  Thermo Scientific™ PI20266

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Catalog No. PI20266



Thermo Scientific™ CarboxyLink Coupling Resins and Kits provide for the covalent immobilization of peptides or other carboxyl-containing (-COOH) molecules to a porous, beaded resin for use in affinity purification procedures.

These activated resins enable immobilization of carboxylate ligands for use in affinity protocols. CarboxyLink Resin is crosslinked beaded agarose (or acrylamide-based Thermo Scientific UltraLink™ Biosupport) that has been activated with diaminodipropylamine (DADPA) to contain long spacer arms, each of which have a primary amine at the end. When incubated with the resin and the carbodiimide crosslinker EDC (included in the CarboxyLink Immobilization Kit), carboxyl-containing molecules become permanently attached to the support by stable amide bonds. Once a molecule is coupled, the prepared affinity column can be used multiple times in typical protein affinity purification procedures. CarboxyLink Coupling Resins also can be used to immobilize other kinds of molecules using alternative amine-reactive crosslinking chemistries.


  • CarboxyLink Coupling Resins – beaded agarose or acrylamide support activated with diaminodipropylamine (DADPA) for amine-to-carboxyl conjugation using EDC crosslinker

  • Efficient peptide immobilization – easily couple 1 to 2mg of peptide per milliliter of settled resin

  • Stable linkage – immobilization results in covalent attachment of carboxyl groups by amide bonds, allowing for multiple rounds of affinity purification with one batch of prepared resin

  • Flexible and gentle coupling conditions – immobilization reaction completed in simple MES or other non-amine and non-carboxyl, near-neutral buffer, with or without organic solvent

  • Ideal for unmodified peptides – immobilizes peptides with high capacity and various orientations without steric hindrance, allowing for effective use in affinity purification of specific antibodies

  • Convenient kits and product sizes – choose 5-column kits with complete sets of buffers, crosslinker and versatile spin/drip columns containing either type of resin (agarose or polyacrylamide) or choose stand-alone resin for other uses

CarboxyLink Coupling Resin (Part No. 20266, 44899):
  • Ligand: diaminodipropylamine (DADPA)
  • Support: crosslinked 4% beaded agarose
  • Spacer arm: 9 atoms
  • Loading: activated with at least 16μmol amine per milliliter of settled resin
  • Format: 50% resin slurry in 0.05% sodium azide

UltraLink DADPA Resin (Part No. 53154):

  • Ligand: diaminodipropylamine (DADPA)
  • Support: Thermo Scientific UltraLink Biosupport
  • Spacer arm: 14 atoms
  • Loading: activated with at least 40μmol amine per milliliter of settled resin
  • Format: 50% resin slurry in 0.02% sodium azide


CarboxyLink Resin Columns (DADPA agarose or UltraLink Support), EDC crosslinker, coupling buffer (MES-buffered saline), wash solution, and column accessories



CarboxyLink Coupling Resin
DADPA-activated crosslinked 4% beaded agarose, slurried in water with sodium azide
Immobilizing 0.5 to 1mg of peptide per mL of resin