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Applied Biosystems™ DNA Extract All Reagents Kit DFS Item

Provides PCR-ready DNA from a wide variety of sample types, ranging from blood to buccal swabs to plant tissues in 5 minutes

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DFS Item
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Description & Specifications

Simply mix your sample with the DNA lysis solution provided. Incubate for 3 minutes and add the DNA stabilizing solution, also provided.

After extraction, robust PCR amplification can be completed using TaqMan™ GTXpress™ Master Mix or TaqMan™ OpenArray™ Genotyping Master Mix (pre-amplified sample only), depending on your application. PCR can be performed using either Fast or Standard mode thermal cycling conditions. The DNA Extract All Reagents Kit is included in the TaqMan Sample-to-SNP Kit, so workflow details can be found in the TaqMan™ Sample-to-SNP user guide below.

Thermal cycling conditions should be followed according to the master mix being used. TaqMan™ GTXpress™ Master Mix is required for PCR amplification of sample prepared using the DNA Extract All Reagents Kit. If sample has undergone preamplification, OpenArray™ Genotyping Master Mix may also be used.