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Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Organic Acid LC Columns

For unparalleled performance in separating hydrophilic, aliphatic, and aromatic organic acids, use these reversed-phase silica columns.

$273.60 - $1,398.65

Catalog Number Mfr. No. Diameter (Metric) Length (Metric) Particle Size Price Quantity    


thermo scientific™
4mm 250mm 5µm Each for $1,398.65


thermo scientific™
4mm 150mm 5µm Each for $1,204.98


thermo scientific™
3mm 10mm 5µm Pack of 2 Each for $328.31


thermo scientific™
4mm 10mm 5µm Pack of 2 Each for $273.60


thermo scientific™
3mm 150mm 3µm Each for $1,278.71


thermo scientific™
2.1mm 150mm 3µm Each for $1,278.71
Description & Specifications

For unparalleled performance in separating hydrophilic, aliphatic, and aromatic organic acids use Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Organic Acid LC Columns. These high-efficiency, reversed-phase silica columns are compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases and have excellent hydrolytic stability at low pHs for excellent selectivity in the separation of organic acids. Achieve high-resolution separations with fast run times and minimal sample preparation.

High-Efficiency, High-Throughput Organic Acid Analysis

  • Ideal selectivity for small hydrophilic organic acids, C1 to C7 aliphatic acids and hydrophilic aromatic acids
  • Excellent column efficiency and peak shapes for organic acids
  • Hydrolytic stability at low-pH conditions for optimum reversed-phase retention of organic acids
  • Use-tested to guarantee consistent hydrophilic organic acid separations
  • Packed in metal-free PEEK column bodies to eliminate unwanted interaction between the analytes and the column body
  • Available in 3.0 and 5.0μm particle sizes and 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0mm diameters, with 150 and 250mm lengths

Recommended for analysis and quality testing of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemical intermediates and environmental samples.

About the Family of Acclaim Specialty HPLC Columns

Acclaim specialty columns have been developed, manufactured and tested to meet the separation needs of specific applications. These columns are based on novel and unique chemistries and provide superior resolution with ease-of-use.

  • Use-tested to guarantee consistent separations
  • Ideal selectivity for separating specific target analytes
  • Excellent peak shapes
  • Performance tested to ensure high quality and reliability for specific chromatographic separations