Microscope Slides

Disposable Microscope Slides

Durable plastic microscope slides.

Protist Growth and Observation System

Safe, quick, and convenient way to study pond microlife.

EISCO™ Frosted Microscope Glass Slides

Pre-cleaned, for use in laboratories. EISCO Frosted Microscope Glass slides are made from clear, optically flat glass.


No need to bother with wet-mount slide preparation.

American Educational Products Prepared Microscope Slide Sets

Made of plastic, suited for young students.

Ruled Microscope Slides

Keep tabs on your microorganisms.

Deep-Well Projection Slides

View specimens by either microscope or projector.

EISCO Concavity Microscope Slides

Optically flat glass slides.

Thermo Scientific™ FisherBiotech™ ProbeOn™ and ProbeOn Plus™ Slides

Provide the precise capillary gap required for the Fisher Biotech™ MicroProbe™ System

Fisherbrand™ Selectfrost™ Microscope Slides

Color coded for easy identification

Thermo Scientific™ Gold Seal™ UltraStick™ Adhesion Microscope Slides

Eliminate the need for expensive coatings with Thermo Scientific™ Gold Seal™ UltraStick™ Adhesion Microscope Slides, made from hard, colorless, noncorrosive glass.

Fisherbrand™ InkJet Plus Microscope Slides

Superfrost™/ColorFrost™ microscope slides designed for use with Leica™ Microsystems IP S inkjet printer

Fisherbrand™ Economy Plain Glass Microscope Slides

Cost-effective slide for general-purpose applications

Fisherbrand™ Superfrost™ Clipped Corner Slides

45° clipped corner slide offers exceptional cleanliness and resistance to sticking

Fisherbrand™ Plain Glass Microslides

Individually selected for consistent quality

Fisherbrand™ Extra-Thick Microscope Slides

Approximately 20% thicker than standard slides

Fisherbrand™ ColorFrost™ Disposable Microscope Slides

Color-coded frosted end for easy coordinating with tissue cassettes or other color systems

Fisherfinest™ Premium Frosted Microscope Slides

With Superfrost™ marking area on one end, one side

Fisherbrand™ Hanging Drop Slides

For examining living microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast in hanging drops

Fisherbrand™ Cytology Microslides

Use for cancer screening, hormonal reading and microbiological classification

Fisherbrand™ Ringed Cytology Slides

Designed to collect a thin layer of cells in the ringed area

Thermo Scientific™ Economy Plain Glass Micro Slides

Cost-effective slides for general-purpose applications