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Customized Service Solutions

Unity™ Lab Services can help you to streamline your business processes, reduce costs and increase productivity for your researchers.

Our clear understanding of researcher needs and supply chain processes has enabled us to create an extensive library of best practice solutions. From these best practices, we are able to offer a complete, customizable portfolio of services, which allows you to outsource many of the tasks that distract you from your core business operations.


Unity Lab Services can support your needs through a broad range of consulting and assessment services.

Not only will we design a customized solution to fit your needs, but we will also implement the plan, making sure to deliver quality and professional services that result in projects that are completed on time, within budget and to your satisfaction, so you can focus on what's really important -- the science.

The Unity Lab Services implementation services group uses the latest project management methodology and tools, recognized by the Project Management Institute, to assess your current processes and corresponding operations, develop a plan, analyze it and finally, execute the agreed-upon plan.

Dedicated and Experienced Implementation Team

  • PMP-certified project managers
  • Formalized and accredited training
  • Demonstrated mastery of tools (PMP exam)
  • Official documentation proving more than 4,500 non-overlapping project hours

Project and Industry Experience

  • More than 100 combined years of experience within the team
  • Tens of thousands of project hours formally logged
  • More than 1,200 stocking locations implemented, with more than 13,000 SKUs across 800 suppliers

Functional Expertise

  • Supply Chain -- supports planning back through the supply chain to manufacturers
  • Logistics -- establishes delivery schedules to support programs
  • Asset Management -- supplies programs for asset tagging and tracking
  • Regulatory -- provides EH&S direction and guidance
  • E-Commerce -- develops interfaces to customer applications

Unity Lab Services Getting Started Brochure (PDF, 1.8MB)

Process and Approach

  • Initiation Phase: Agree on expectations, objectives and deliverables to ensure a successful project
  • Formal kick-off meeting
  • Project charter agreement

Consultative Planning

Collaborative planning drives the quality of the execution and guarantees the solution will work within the customer's business environment

  • Data analysis and process mapping
  • Scheduling and planning
  • Staffing and training

Execution -- Operation Deployment

  • Physical setup and implementation of operation
  • SOP documentation and daily work instructions
  • Metric reports
  • Transition to local operational team


Confirmation that the project deliverables were met to customer's satisfaction

  • Review of deliverables
  • Acceptance and sign off

Unity Lab Services Professional Services Brochure (PDF, 3MB)


Learn About Real Customer Savings

Unity Lab Services saved a large university more than $370,000 by implementing a customized procurement solution, the result of performing a comprehensive needs assessment.

Unity Lab Services University Customer $370K Case Study (PDF, 302KB)

Contact Us

Ready to take the first step? We offer free Service Evaluations to review the key processes of your supply chain.

Unity Lab Services Getting Started Brochure (PDF, 1.8MB)

For additional information, contact your local Fisher Scientific representative, e-mail us at unity.ca@thermofisher.com, or call customer service at +1-800-234-7437, option 3.  For additional information on Unity Lab Services, including our Asset Management Services, please visit www.unitylabservices.com.

Lab Supply Management

Effective supply management involves creating an optimal balance between the need for research productivity and minimized expenses related to the procurement, movement and inventory of supplies.

Through proven processes, technology and experienced staff, we can help you by:

Increasing Researcher Productivity

  • Improve supply mix and availability
  • Reduce wait times
  • Reduce time needed to manage supplies

Reducing Purchasing Costs

  • Lower administration costs
  • Reduce product costs

Reducing Inventory Management Costs

  • Reduce use of space
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Reduce loss and damage costs
  • Improve cost accounting

Unity Lab Services Lab Supply Management Services Brochure (PDF, 666KB)

Learn About Real Customer Savings

In just six years, one customer saved more than $10 million across their supply chain by partnering with Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services.

Through optimization of their stockroom inventory management and order processing, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services saved a large university over $750,000.

Unity Lab Services University Customer $750K Case Study (PDF, 225KB)

Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services saved a large chemical company over $2 million by working closely with the customer to refine the inventory management processes and develop cost savings initiatives across multiple customer facilities.

Download the Case Study (PDF, 228KB)

Chemical Management

Unity Lab Services minimizes the costs, risks and environmental impacts of your chemical operations. We monitor your chemicals from purchase order through disposal and ensure adherence to lab and regulatory requirements. We support your organization across the entire chemical cycle.

Optimizing Chemical Lifecycle Management

  • Reduces "Total" Costs
  • Reduces purchase costs
  • Reduces administration costs related to procurement, handling, tracking and reporting
  • Reduces total disposal costs through improved disposal prices, smaller amounts requiring disposal, and recycling

Enhances Productivity

  • Creates cost-effective chemical receiving, handling and delivery processes
  • Improves inventory management
  • Optimizes waste storage and handling
  • Improves reporting processes and access to information

Improves Regulatory Compliance and Safety

  • Improves visibility for on-site chemicals
  • Provides access to MSDS and customized reports
  • Reduces on-hand chemical inventories
  • Improves reporting processes and access to information


Do You Know Where Your Chemicals of Interest Are?

Do you know where your chemicals of interest (COI) are located, and what quantity of each you have onsite at your facility?

The new Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard requires more rigorous chemical management and tracking capabilities than ever.

Unity Lab Services can help you manage your chemicals, track and report your COI and stay in compliance.

Unity Lab Services Chemicals of Interest Data Sheet (PDF, 456KB)

Learn About Real Customer Savings

Unity Lab Services identified more than $200,000 in savings for a nationally recognized medical school through implementation of an advanced chemical management solution.

Unity Lab Services Medical School $200K Savings Case Study (PDF, 190KB)

Instrumentation Services

Unity Lab Services provides a complete portfolio of services and support solutions designed to help you improve productivity, reduce total cost of ownership and ensure performance throughout your laboratory - from instrument and equipment acquisition to disposition.

Choice backed by expertise -- that's the Unity Lab Services difference.

Equipment and Instrument Services

Leverage Our Expertise

Scientific customers who manufacture, process, hold and distribute drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and food or perform research and development (R & D) must comply with governmental regulations.

Unity Lab Services experts play a vital role in maintaining and repairing laboratory equipment, reducing instrument downtime and meeting regulatory requirements. We also provide compliance and validation services to facilities regulated by other national or international regulatory agencies (ie., FDA, Health Canada, OLA, CAP, ISO 9001, ISO 17025).

Equipment Serviced by Unity Lab Services Canada (PDF, 845KB)

The services offered include:

  • Calibration
  • Qualification -- IQ, OQ and PQ
  • Relocation Services
  • Validation Services
  • Metrology Services
  • Multi Vendor Service
  • Repair Parts
  • Validation Document Development
  • Regulatory and Quality Services Training

Laboratory Service and Support Plans

Maintaining your laboratory equipment is crucial to the overall productivity of your lab, the long-term performance of your equipment and your total cost of ownership. We offer a variety of support plans to best suit the individual needs of your laboratory.

With each of our support plans, we deliver convenient and dependable service that includes fixed costs for travel (except depot services), labor and quality parts.

Free up your time, energy and resources to focus on your priorities.

Choose a plan that achieves your particular goals or work with our specialists to develop a support plan to meet your exact requirements.

Instrument Services Support Plans (PDF, 2MB)

Plans Extended Warranty Plan Extended Warranty Plus Plan Depot Basic Service Plan Basic Service Plan Comfort Plan Full Service Plan Select Service Plan Qualification Support Plan
Technical Phone Support Assistance X X X X X X X X
Firmware/Software Updates X X X X X X X  
On-Site Preventive Maintenance   X   X X X X  
Depot Preventive Maintenance     X   X X    
Depot to Customer Shipping (Included)     X   X X    
Preventive Maintenance Parts Kit   X X     X X  
Priority On-Site Support X X   X X X X  
On-Site Visits – Labour And Travel X X   Discontinued X X Discontinued  
Factory-Certified Parts X X   Discontinued Discontinued X Discontinued  
Depot Repair Service           X    
Qualification Services             X X
Additional Preventive Maintenance   X X X X X X X
Calibration Services             X X
VALUE ADDED SERVICES                
Multi Site/Multi Lab             X  
Availability of Specialized Services             X  
Applicable on all ULS Serviceable Instruments             X  

Don't see what you need? Contact us to discuss additional options that are more customized for your needs.

Accredited Service

ISO/IEC 17025

ISO/IEC 17025 ensures the laboratory's ability to produce precise, accurate test and calibration data, including the following criteria:

  • Technical competency of the staff
  • Validity and appropriateness of test method
  • Measurements and calibrations traceable to national standards
  • Quality assurance of test and calibration data.

ISO/IEC 17025 offers increased market acceptance of products and services -- international recognition of calibration reports. 17025 accreditation in your organization will drive sales of your product in the international market. We have achieved accreditation in the following scopes:

  • Balances
  • Mass
  • Temperature
  • RPM
  • Voltage
  • Time
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Pipettes

Maintenance, Repair and Calibration

Control Costs and Increase Uptime

Our depot repair and maintenance options help you to effectively manage repair costs. For instruments that can be shipped to the Depot Repair Center or serviced onsite, our factory-trained, expert service team will make it a priority to clean, repair and test your instrument to ensure optimal performance levels. After your instrument meets specifications, we will provide a Certificate of Calibration to document the service, when applicable.

Services offered include:

Preventive Maintenance and Calibration Service

  • Preventive maintenance and traceable compliance services include instrument testing according to manufacturing specifications and/or operation qualification test procedures before being returned.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance helps to avoid downtime and optimize performance.

Depot Repair Service

  • Cost-effective solution for repair and calibration of equipment.

Metrology Services

The Metrology Laboratory at Unity Lab is and has been ISO/IEC 17025 accredited through the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and the Canadian Laboratory Assessment Service (CLAS) since 1998.

The services offered by the laboratory are the calibration and maintenance of Mass artifacts, Pipettes/Syringes and Timers/Stopwatches.

All calibrations performed are traceable to the appropriate SI unit through direct comparison of our reference equipment with a National Measurement Institute such as the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the National Institute for Standards and Technology. These traceabilities are provided as an expanded uncertainty offering a 95% confidence level.

In order to send items for calibration, please fill out the Metrology Return Form and ship to the following address:

Unity Lab Services
Metrology Laboratory
112 Colonnade Rd
Ottawa, ON
K2E 7L6

Phone: 1-877-MASS-CAL (1-877-627-7225)
Fax: 1-613-226-1460

Metrology Return Form (XLSM, 116KB)

Mass Tolerance Chart (PDF, 36KB)

Contact us at metrologycoordinator@thermofisher.com to learn more about Metrology Laboratory services.

Calibration of Pipettes

Scope of Accreditation enables the laboratory to calibrate all makes and models of pipettes and syringes ranging from 0.2µl to 10mL.

Note: Syringes applicable for calibration are of the non disposable variety used with GC and HPLC type equipment. The Laboratory does not calibrate pasteur pipettes.

With the help of state of the art pipette calibration balances which include anti-evaporation traps, the calibration is achieved by weighing a dispensed sample of certified water on a ISO/IEC 17025 certified balance.

Customized Service Levels and specifications available upon request, certain conditions may apply.

Pipettes Support Plans (PDF, 645KB)

Unity Lab Services Locations

You can expect expert repair and service from Unity Lab Services. Our certified, qualified electronics technicians can provide on-site service based out of one of our 10 locations in key centers across Canada. From Vancouver to St. John's - service where you need it.

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Halifax
  • London
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Saskatoon
  • Toronto
  • Winnipeg
  • Vancouver

ISO / IEC 17025 Accreditation

Unity Lab Services is proud to have achieved ISO / IEC 17025 accreditation.

Province of Quebec and Ottawa Area (PDF, 263KB)

Ontario (excluding Ottawa area) and Atlantic Canada (PDF, 266KB)

Western Canada (PDF, 266KB)

Metrology Accreditation (PDF, 733KB)


Unity Lab Services offers a wide range of other support services to help your organization focus on the important things -- like discovery. We can provide the products, programs and services that your unique requirements demand through our customized support service solutions.

By outsourcing these non-core activities, you can save money, time and increase productivity:

Glassware Washing and Management

From collection to cleaning and sterilization, we manage the entire operation following industry best practices. We provide these services in a timely, uninterrupted process, assuring researchers a continual supply of clean lab glass. Unity Lab Services Glassware Washing and Management services will:

  • Reduce washing costs
  • Increase productivity time
  • Reduce employee distraction
  • Reduce breakage costs

Unity Lab Services Glassware Cleaning Data Sheet (PDF, 1.6MB) 

Media Preparation Services

Unity Lab Services personnel prepare media per your specifications in a cost-effective manner and in compliance with all QC/QA standards.

Reusable Garment Management

Requires collection of worn garments, delivery to a third party laundry service and return to employees' lockers or numbered hanger.

Gas Cylinder Management

Unity Lab Services manages and tracks gas cylinders, ensuring a ready supply and efficient return of empties.

Office Supplies Management

Unity Lab Services manages your office supplies as part of your overall lab supplies management.

Customized Supplies Management

Unity Lab Services manages other consumables critical to your operations such as dry ice, deionized water and liquid nitrogen.

Safety Training

Online or on-site training for a variety of services, usually relating to safety, such as hazardous communications.

And other customized solutions!

Learn About Real Customer Savings

A large pharmaceutical research and development campus was under pressure to reduce operating costs and maximize productivity. The site had experienced long-term problems in accumulating excess inventory, impacting both its available space and safety.

Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services performed an in-depth needs assessment at the site, focusing on the existing supply chain for laboratory supplies and chemicals. As a result, we identified over $787,000 in savings for our customer.

Unity Lab Services Pharmaceutical R&D Company $787K Savings Case Study (PDF, 307KB)