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Zoology Survey Sets

$400.95 - $430.50

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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Price Quantity  
S10022A Fisher Science Education
Pack of 25 Each for $400.95
S10022B Fisher Science Education
Pack of 25 Each for $430.50


Zoology Survey Set I
A fine starter set. With these finely prepared slides, your students will survey organisms from single-celled protozoans to chordates. For a more complete set of slides, consider ordering Set II at the same time.
Zoology Survey Set II
More for your collection! This set will add 25 more slides to complement and add to the variety of Set I.
Set I Includes:

  • Euglena, w.m.
  • Amoeba proteus, w.m.
  • Paramecium caudatum, w.m.
  • Paramecium in conjugation, w.m.
  • Commercial sponge, skeletal fibers, w.m.
  • Scypha, c.s. and l.c.
  • Hydra, w.m. and c.s.
  • Obelia colony, w.m.
  • Planaria, injected, w.m.
  • Fasciola hepatica (liver fluke), w.m.
  • Ancylostoma (hookworm), male, w.m.
  • Earthworm, c.s. of posterior
  • Daphnia, w.m.
  • Cornea of insect eye, w.m.
  • Honeybee head and mouth parts, w.m.
  • Honeybee legs, w.m.
  • Housefly head and mouth parts, w.m.
  • Mosquito life cycle, w.m.
  • Trachea of insect, w.m.
  • Starfish, w.m.
  • Whitefish mitosis
  • Frog blood smear
  • Frog skin, section through mucous glands
  • Feathers, three types, w.m.
Set II Includes:
  • Tetrahymena in conjugation, w.m.
  • Metridium (Sea Anemone), s.c.
  • Clonorchis sinensis (Chinese liver fluke), w.m.
  • Tapeworm, four regions, w.m.
  • Ascaris, male and female, c.s.
  • Parascaris, mitosis
  • Trichinella, larvae in muscle, sec.
  • Cyclops with egg sacs, w.m.
  • Crayfish gill, c.s.
  • Mite and tick, w.m.
  • Spider, w.m.
  • Cricket gizzard, c.s. showing teeth
  • Grasshopper testis, l.s., spermatogenesis
  • Spiracle of insect, w.m.
  • Dog flea, w.m.
  • Clam, l.s., of entire body
  • Starfish ray, c.s.
  • Starfish eggs, w.m., single cell through gastrula
  • Amphioxus, w.m.
  • Bird blood smear
  • Human blood smear
  • Frog skin, w.m., showing cell boundary
  • Frog brain, l.s.
  • Frog eye, l.s. of entire eye
  • Kidney, blood vascular system injected, sec.