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Invitrogen™ ViraPower™ HiPerform™ Lentiviral TOPO™ Expression Kit DFS Item

The ViraPower™ HiPerform™ Lentiviral TOPO™ Expression Kit includes all the components needed to generate lentivirus, including vector kit, 293FT cell line, and the support kit.

Supplier:  Invitrogen™ K531000

Catalog No. K531000



The ViraPower™ HiPerform™ Lentiviral TOPO™ Expression Kit combines Invitrogen’s ViraPower™ HiPerform™ Lentiviral and TOPO™ technologies to facilitate quick PCR-based cloning and lentiviral-based, high-level expression of a target gene in dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells. The pLenti6.3⁄V5-TOPO™ vector is equipped with two key genetic elements, making it a HiPerform™ vector: the Woodchuck Posttranscriptional Regulatory Element (WPRE) and the central Polypurine Tract (cPPT) sequence from the HIV-1 integrase gene to produce at least 4-fold increase in protein expression compared to vectors lacking these elements.


  • Stable expression
  • Long-term experiments
  • Accurate titer of functional virus
  • Typically provides 5 minute, high-efficiency TOPO™ PCR cloning in three simple steps

Key Features

  • HiPerform™ WPRE and cPPT elements
  • CMV promoter
  • V5 epitope tag at C terminus
  • Blasticidin selection

Kit Includes

  • pLenti6.3⁄V5-TOPO™ TA Cloning™ Kit (K5315-20)
  • ViraPower™ Bsd Lentiviral Support Kit (K4970-00)
  • 293FT Cell Line (R700-07)

For research use only. Not intended for any therapeutic or diagnostic use.



Lentiviral Expression Kit
TOPO™ TA Cloning Reagents (Box 1)
• pLenti6.3⁄V5-TOPO™ (5-10 ng⁄μL) 20 μL, -20°C
• pLenti6.3⁄V5-GW⁄lacZ Control vector (0.5 ug⁄μL) 20 μL, -20°C
• 10X PCR Buffer 100 μL, -20°C
• l dNTP Mix 10 μL, -20°C
• Salt Solution 50 μL, -20°C
• CMV Forward Primer (100 ng⁄μL) 20 μL, -20°C
• V5 (C-term) Reverse Primer (100 ng⁄μL) 20 μL, -20°C
• Control PCR Template (50 ng⁄μL) 10 μL, -20°C
• Control PCR Primers (100 ng⁄μL) 10 μL each, -20°C
• Sterile Water 1 mL

One Shot™ Stbl3™ Chemically Competent E. coli (Box 2)
• Stbl3™ Cells 21 x 50 μL, -80°C
• pUC19 control DNA (10 pg⁄μL) 50 μL, -80°C
• S.O.C. Medium 6 mL, -80°C

Support kit
• ViraPower™
HiPerform™, TOPO™, ViraPower™




For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.