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Cytiva Sera-Xtracta Virus/Pathogen Kit

For efficient, total nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) isolation from bacteria and viruses including COVID-19

Manufacturer:  Cytiva 29506009

Catalog No. 09920080



  • Sera-Xtracta Virus/Pathogen Kit for high-throughput total nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) isolation from bacteria and viruses including Adenovirus (Type 14), Influenza A (H3N2) and COVID-19.
  • Offers the advantages of solid phase extraction (using magnetic beads) and reproducible yields.
  • Simplified protocol can be adapted for both manual and automated high-throughput processing.
  • Scalable up to 400 µL of sample.
  • Rapid extraction procedure can be completed in less than 30 minutes.
  • For use with respiratory biological matrices, blood and universal transport media to support the sensitive downstream detection of viruses and other pathogens found in low concentrations.
  • Compatible with molecular biology techniques, including quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR, RT-qPCR), droplet digital PCR (ddPCR), and next-generation sequencing (NGS).
  • Sera-Xtracta Virus/Pathogen Kit provides a simple and rapid method to optimize the workflow for sensitive detection system for viruses and other pathogens found in low concentrations.
  • Optimize isolation workflows to reduce bottlenecks
  • To address this bottleneck, our robust extraction chemistry ensures that the total nucleic acid is selectively bound to the superparamagnetic beads, while impurities are efficiently removed during the quick wash steps.
  • The resulting high quality total nucleic acid is then eluted from the bead using a suitable elution buffer of choice.
  • The rapid Sera-Xtracta workflow gives pure, high-quality nucleic acid suitable for sensitive molecular testing.

Infectious diseases affect millions of people every year. Particularly virulent and multi-drug resistant agents are increasingly responsible for infections with ever-expanding complexities. The design, manufacture and validation of assays for these pathogenic agents requires the successful purification of high-quality nucleic acid. This is essential to any molecular research and testing workflow. The nucleic acid purification process can be a bottleneck because sufficient nucleic acid from biological samples is required to meet a sensitivity threshold for assays which are designed to help identify, map or make informed decisions on latent and active infections.



All reagents can be stored at ambient temperature (15°C–25°C). For Proteinase K, once reconstituted, store at 2°C–8°C
96 Purifications
Can be completed in less than 30 minutes 
Binding/Lysis Reagent 60 mL; Wash Buffer 100 mL; SeraSil-Mag 400 beads 1.1 mL; SeraSil-Mag 700 beads 1.1 mL; Proteinase K 30 mg (lyophilized) 
Up to 400 μL of sample


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