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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Protein G Agarose and Kits

Affinity purify antibodies (IgG) with immobilized recombinant Protein G agarose offered in bottles, spin columns, filter plates and complete purification kits.

$321.90 - $2,148.97


Support Type Agarose
Target IgG
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Catalog Number Mfr. No. Description Quantity Price Quantity  
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Description Quantity Price Quantity  
PI20398 Thermo Scientific™
Pierce Protein G Agarose 2mL Each for $423.64
PI20399 Thermo Scientific™
Pierce Protein G Agarose 10mL Pack for $1,312.81
PI45204 Thermo Scientific™
Pierce Protein G Spin Plate for IgG Screening 1 plate Pack for $429.37
PI89926 Thermo Scientific™
Pierce Protein G Chromatography Cartridges, 1mL 2 cartridges Pack of 2 Each for $321.90
PI89927 Thermo Scientific™
Pierce Protein G Chromatography Cartridges, 5mL 1 cartridge Each for $649.60
PI89949 Thermo Scientific™
NAb Protein G Spin Purification Kit, 0.2mL 10 column kit Each for $471.61
PI89957 Thermo Scientific™
NAb Protein G Spin Columns, 1mL 5 columns Pack of 5 Each for $768.50
PI89961 Thermo Scientific™
NAb Protein G Spin Columns, 5mL 1 column Each for $791.26
PI89979 Thermo Scientific™
NAb Protein G Spin Purification Kit, 1mL 2 column kit Each for $378.03
PI20397 Thermo Scientific™
Pierce Protein G Agarose 25mL Each for $2,148.97


Thermo Scientific™ Pierce Protein G Agarose is a versatile, high-performance affinity resin for antibody purification that is available as bottled agarose beads, pre-packed spin columns, 96-well filter plates and complete IgG purification kits.

Pierce Protein G Agarose is effective for affinity purification of IgG from serum and other fluids of many mammalian species. Protein G is especially well suited for use with mouse antibodies (including IgG1) in addition to most IgG isotypes from human, goat and sheep samples.

Pierce Protein G Agarose consists of recombinant Protein G that has been covalently immobilized onto high-quality crosslinked 6% beaded agarose (CL-6B). This premiere variety of the affinity resin provides the most versatile combination of chromatographic features for high yield and high purity purification of whole IgG from mammalian serum samples. The agarose beads have physical and chemical properties suitable for many affinity purification systems. Accordingly, Pierce Protein G Agarose is offered in several convenient package formats, including bottled resin slurries, three sizes of spin columns, complete purification kits, two sizes of FPLC-ready chromatography cartridges, and 96-well filter plates.


  • Protein G – immobilized Protein G is ideal for polyclonal IgG purification from mouse, human, cow, goat and sheep serum, including human IgG3 and mouse IgG1 isotypes

  • Agarose resin – support is crosslinked 6% beaded agarose (CL-6B), the most popular resin for protein affinity purification methods

  • Inert and stable – superior manufacturing method immobilizes Protein G by charge-free, leach-resistant covalent bonds, resulting in low nonspecific binding and enabling multiple uses without decline in yield

  • Standard capacity – Pierce Protein G Agarose has a normal load of immobilized Protein G, providing a binding capacity of 11 to 15mg human IgG/mL resin

  • Multiple formats – choose from bottled resin slurries, centrifuge-ready columns, complete purification kits, two sizes of FPLC-ready chromatography cartridges, and 96-well filter plates

Properties of crosslinked 6% beaded agarose (CL-6B):

  • Support pH Stability: 2 to 14 (short term); 3 to 13 (long term)
  • Average Particle Size: 45 to 165 microns
  • Exclusion Limit: 10,000 to 4,000,000 daltons
  • Maximum Volumetric Flow Rate: approx. 1mL/minute (for 1cm diameter column)
  • Maximum Linear Velocity: 30cm per hour
  • Maximum Pressure: less than 25psi (1.5 bar), defined as the maximum pressure drop across a column that the resin can withstand (Note: The indicated gauge pressure of a liquid chromatography apparatus may be measuring the total system pressure rather than the pressure drop across the column.)

Available Formats:

  • Resin Slurries: 2mL, 10mL, 25mL bottles
  • Spin Columns: 0.2mL (microcentrifuge), 1mL, 5mL columns
  • Purification Kits: complete kits in all three column sizes
  • Chromatography Cartridges: compatible with automated liquid chromatography systems and with syringe processing
  • 96-well Spin Plates: pre-dispensed 96-well filter plates, compatible with centrifugation and vacuum manifold systems for manual or automated purification. The plates enable fast, consistent well-to-well and plate-to-plate reproducibility for small-scale, high-throughput separations.
  • Bulk and Custom: let us know your needs for bulk Pierce Protein G Agarose


Purification kits contain Protein G Spin Columns, binding buffer, elution buffer and neutralization buffer

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