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Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Star A329 pH, ISE, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, RDO and Temperature Portable Waterproof Multiparameter Meter Kit - PROMO

Get laboratory accuracy everywhere you need it with advanced meter features in this portable, IP67 waterproof meter.

Manufacturer:  Thermo Scientific™ STARA3295PM

Catalog No. 13-645-571PM



Large, Backlit Informative Graphic LCD:

  • User can view each parameter individually, two parameters simultaneously or all three parameters on one screen; all options are shown with temperature.
  • Helpful icons are shown for electrode status, time, date, sample ID, user ID and calibration data.
  • Informative screen prompts guide meter setup and calibration procedures.
  • Menu-specific function keys automatically update to ensure easy meter navigation.
  • Multi-language interface supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Chinese.
  • Thermo Scientific™ AUTO-READ™ locks in a stable reading on the screen; ready indicator alerts when continuous readings are stable and timed reading gathers data in specific time intervals.

pH, mV and ISE:

  • Up to five point pH calibration is offered with automatic recognition of USA/NIST™ and DIN buffers.
  • Up to five point ISE calibration with advanced features such as linear point-to-point, non-linear selectable auto-blank, and low-concentration range stability ensure accuracy whether ISE is done infrequently or with multiple samples every day
  • Calibration editing allows pH and ISE calibration errors to be corrected without a complete recalibration.


  • Automatic conductivity measurement ranging based on sample conductance and calibrated cell constant for the ideal display resolution
  • Selectable reading reference temperatures of 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° or 25°C with linear, nonlinear, nLFu or EP curve options for advanced accuracy in conductivity readings
  • Choice of practical salinity or natural sea water curves for salinity readings

Dissolved Oxygen:

  • Automatically recognizes Orion polarographic and RDO optical/luminescence-based probes—no need to worry about compatibility
  • Provides easy, accurate DO results with automatic temperature, automatic/manual barometric pressure, and automatic salinity compensation
  • Calibrates by water-saturated air, air-saturated water, manual using a Winkler Titration or zero point calibration

Memory and Software:

  • Non-volatile memory holds up to 5,000 data points with time and date stamp.
  • USB and RS232 ports and complimentary Orion Star Com data transfer software make data transfer to a computer fast and simple.

Meter Includes:

  • Four AA batteries for more than 800 hours of operation, literature CD, printed quick start guide and USB computer cable
  • Three-year meter replacement warranty
  • Universal power adapter sold separately to use AC power


Universal 50 to 60 Hz, 100 to 240 VAC power adapter (sold separately)
0.5% of reading ±1 digit > 3 µS; 0.5% of reading ±0.01 µS ≤ 3 µS
±0.2 mg/L or ±2% of reading, whichever is greater
0.5% of reading ±1 digit
0.5% of reading ±1 digit
High/low limit alarm, calibration due alarm
400 to 850 mmHg, automatic using built-in barometer or manual entry
4 AA (included)
Up to 5
1 point relative mV (RmV) mode, 1 point ORP mode
pH with calibration editing option, ion concentration (ISE) with calibration editing option, relativ
CE, TUV 3-1, FCC Class A
5000 with date and time stamp
24 x 10 x 6.5 cm (9.5 x 3.9 x 2.6 in.)
BNC (pH or ORP electrode), pin-tip (reference electrode), 8 pin MiniDIN (conductivity sensor with built-in temperature or ATC temperature probe), 9 pin MiniDIN (RDO optical or polarographic DO sensor with built-in temperature)
Comprehensive with menu-specific function keys and dual purpose scroll/shortcut keys
Automatic data logging with Auto-Read and Timed measure modes; manual data logging with Continuous m
10 per channel with password protection
0.0 to 600% saturation
0.1, 1 % saturation
±2 % saturation or ±2% of reading whichever is greater
4 AA batteries (included) or universal AC adapter (sold separately)
1 mmHg
±2000 mV
0.00 to 50 mg/L
5 to 85%, non-condensing
0.01, 0.1 mg/L
1 ohm or 0.1 meg-ohm, auto ranging
0.001 ppm minimum, auto ranging up to 4 significant digits
0.0 to 45.0 ppt, automatic correction using conductivity reading or manual entry of sample salinity
Selectable fast, medium, slow or Smart Stability setting; Selectable off or Automatic Smart averaging setting
41°F to 113°F (ambient)
5, 10, 15, 20, 25°C
22.0°F to 221.0° F
Manual or automatic with ATC temperature probe
1.2 lb.
IP 67
0.0 to 600% saturation
2 ohm to 100.0 meg-ohm
0.001 to 200.0 ppm
-2 to 20
±6 mmHg
±0.2 mV or ±0.05% of reading whichever is greater
±0.1 mg/L up to 8 mg/L, ±0.2 mg/L from 8 to 20 mg/L, ±10% of reading up to 50 mg/L
0.5% of reading ±1 digit
±0.2 mV or ±0.05% of reading whichever is greater
Segmented (point-to-point) slope, non-linear selectable auto-blank, low concentration range stabilit
Yes, selectable
800 hr.
Water-saturated air, air-saturated water, manual (Winkler titration), zero point
1 to 5
1 to 5
0.001 to 199.9 cm-1
Transfer single, range or all data points to printer or computer
Orion Star A329 pH/ISE/conductivity/RDO/DO portable meter kit with ROSS Ultra Triode low maintenance gel pH/ATC electrode, DuraProbe 4-cell conductivity sensor, RDO optical DO sensor, solutions, meter armor and field case
Star A329 pH/ISE/Conductivity/RDO/DO Meter with Batteries; 8107UWMMD ROSS Gel-filled Epoxy pH/ATC Triode with 3 Meter Cable; 013010MD DuraProbe Epoxy 4-Probe (K=0.475) Conductivity Probe with 3 Meter Cable; 087010MD RDO Optical DO Probe with 3 Meter Cable
7.000 pH
English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Chinese; Portuguese and Korean available with software update
Non-volatile memory preserves data log, calibration log and meter settings
Orion Star A329 pH/ISE/mV/RmV/ORP/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity/RDO Optical/Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature Portable Meter
±2 % saturation ≤ 200 % saturation, ±10 % saturation > 200 % saturation
0.0 to 500% saturation
0.1, 1 % saturation
400 to 850 mmHg
0.0001 to 19900 with selectable units of ppm, Molar, mg/L, %, ppb or none
0.00 to 90 mg/L
±2000 mV
0.001 µS minimum, auto ranging up to 4 significant digits
0.01, 0.1 mg/L
0.01 psu or 0.01 ppt minimum, auto ranging
0.1 mV
Practical salinity (psu) or natural sea water (ppt)
Linear (0.02 to 9.99)
Linear, nLFn (non-linear ultra pure water), nLFu (non-linear ultra pure degassed water), EP (off with warning) or off
5°C to 45°C (ambient)
1 point temperature offset calibration
0.1°C, 0.1°F
3 Year Meter
0.5 kg
LCD Graphic, Backlit
USB, RS232
0.001 μS/cm to 3000 mS/cm
0.06 to 80.00 psu, 0.05 to 42.00 ppt
±2000 mV
0.0001 minimum, 1 to 3 significant digits (user selectable)
-5.0°C to +105.0°C