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Dräger™ Short-Term Detector Tubes: Benzene

Detector tubes

$124.98 - $131.50

Catalog Number Mfr. No. Humidity Range Measurement Range Tube Type Gases Measured Price Quantity    


1 to 30mg/L 15 to 420 Benzene 15/a Benzene Pack of 10 Each for $124.98


1 to 15mg/L 2 to 60 Benzene 2/a Benzene Pack of 10 Each for $124.98


3 to 15mg/L 5 to 50 Benzene 5/b Benzene Pack of 10 Each for $131.50
Description & Specifications

Glass detector tubes are filled with an inert reagent carrier material (silica gel, aluminum oxide, or aluminum silicate) impregnated with an indicating reagent. Reagent produces a colorimetric indication in the presence of a particular gas, vapor, or aerosol. Concentrations can be read directly from the color change on the tube's printed scale. Tubes are hermetically sealed. Most have a two-year shelf life (when stored at room temperature). Available in packs of ten. Note: Some tests require a pretube or comparison tube in addition to the detector tube. These tubes are included in the box of 10, thus reducing the number of detector tubes. The actual number of detector tubes is cited in the ordering charts.

Extension of measuring range listed is possible for some detector tubes. Call Fisher Scientific™ at 1-800-772-6733 for more information.