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Invitrogen™ Ambion™ LeukoLOCK™ Fractionation & Stabilization Kit DFS Item

RNA from micro-scale samples

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DFS Item
life technologies
RNAlater Solution, Rubber Septum Caps, White Slip Connectors, Transfer Spikes, LeukoLOCK Filters, and Elution Solution, and 1X PBS Kit Each for $614.00


DFS Item
life technologies
RNAlater solution, rubber septum caps, white slip connectors, transfer spikes, LeukoLOCK filters, elution solution, 1X PBS, manual Kit with manual Each for $596.00
Description & Specifications

The Ambion LeukoLOCK™ Fractionation & Stabilization Kit is one of two kits that comprise the Total RNA Isolation System (patent pending), an innovative method for cellular fractionation of whole blood and total RNA stabilization and extraction from the leukocyte population. The kit includes sufficient reagents for 20 reactions. The LeukoLOCK System (Cat. No.AM1923) is optimized for use with human blood. Blood is a storehouse of cellular information; however, the presence of globin mRNA in RNA prepared from whole blood can interfere with downstream expression profiling applications. The LeukoLOCK System employs filter-based leukocyte-depletion technology to isolate leukocytes from whole blood and Ambion's RNAlater™ Solution to stabilize the cells on the filter. By excluding red blood cells, the RNA that is purified from captured leukocytes is inherently depleted of globin mRNA, which improves sample utility for expression profiling and other applications.

LeukoLOCK Fractionation & Stabilization Kit
A 9–10mL sample of anticoagulated blood is passed through a LeukoLOCK filter, which captures the total leukocyte population while eliminating red blood cells (including reticulocytes), platelets, and plasma. After rinsing with phosphate-buffered saline, the filter is flushed with RNAlater Solutionto stabilize the RNA in the captured leukocytes (see protocol schematic). The RNA can be isolated immediately, or stabilized cells can be maintained for several days at room temperature or for longer periods at –20°C or –80°C.

Accessory Products:
LeukoLOCK Fractionation & Stabilization Kit is designed for use with the LeukoLOCK Total RNA Isolation Kit (Cat. No. AM1934). These kits are offered separately to accommodate blood sample collection at one location and sample processing at a different location, but may be purchased together as the LeukoLOCK Total RNA Isolation System (Cat. No. AM1923).

Not high-throughput compatible (Manual)

DNA and RNA Purification and Analysis, RNA Extraction, Total RNA Isolation, Total RNA from Animal Cells and Tissues, Total RNA from Blood

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