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Invitrogen™ mirVana™ PARIS™ RNA and Native Protein Purification Kit DFS Item

The mirVana™ PARIS™ Kit is for the purification of both native protein and RNA (including small RNA) from the same sample.

Supplier:  Invitrogen™ AM1556

Catalog No. AM1556

Includes: 30mL miRNA Wash Solution I; 50mL Wash Solution 2/3; 80 Collection Tubes; 40 Filter Cartridges; 25mL Cell Disruption Buffer; 25mL 2X Denaturing Solution; 2 x 25mL Acid-Phenol:Chloroform; 5mL Elution Solution



The mirVana™ PARIS™ Kit is for the purification of both native protein and RNA (including small RNA) from the same sample. Each kit contains sufficient reagents and consumables for either 40 isolations of protein and total RNA (including small RNAs), or 20 isolations of protein and separate large and small RNA fractions.

How the kit works
The mirVana PARIS Kit procedure begins with homogenization of samples with a special cell disruption buffer that includes nonionic detergent. Protein remains intact, so a portion of the lysate can be used directly for common protein analysis applications. The remainder of the lysate is used for RNA isolation, using a procedure that combines the advantages of organic and solid-phase extraction, while avoiding the disadvantages of both.

  • Isolate small RNA-containing total RNA and native protein from the same sample
  • Start with 100–107 cultured cells or up to 100 mg of many mammalian tissues
  • Enrich for small RNA (<200 nt) to increase sensitivity in downstream analyses
  • Follow a simple, 30-minute procedure
  • Use to correlate mRNA, miRNA or siRNA, and protein levels

Not high-throughput compatible (Manual)

Order Info

Shipping Condition: Room temperature



• 30 mL miRNA Wash Solution I (room temperature)
• 50 mL Wash Solution 2/3 (room temperature)
• 80 Collection Tubes (room temperature)
• 40 Filter Cartridges (room temperature)
• 25 mL Cell Disruption Buffer (4°C)
• 25 mL 2X Denaturing Solution (4°C)
• 2 × 25 mL Acid-Phenol:Chloroform (4°C)
• 5 mL Elution Solution (-20°C, 4°C, or room temperature)
30 min.
Total RNA, Transcriptome RNA, siRNA, Protein (Native), snRNA, micro RNA
Real-Time Quantitative PCR (qPCR), Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR), Western Blotting, microRNA Analysis, Northern Blotting, cDNA Library Construction
mirVana™, Ambion™
Up to 10^7 cells, Up to 100 mg tissue
Organic Extraction, Cell Lysis (Nonionic Detergent), Spin Column (Glass Fiber Filter)
Cell Cultures, Tissue (Mammalian)
Not High-throughput Compatible (Manual)
40 Preps
Room Temperature
Total RNA, RNA and Protein, siRNA, miRNA




For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.