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Invitrogen™ RNaseZap™ RNase Decontamination Solution DFS Item

Surface decontaminant that destroys RNases on contact

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Reagents RNase Control Reagent
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RNaseZap™ RNase Decontamination Solution is surface decontamination solution that destroys RNases on contact. You simply spray RNaseZap™ Solution onto surface to be decontaminated and rinse it off with RNase-free water.Working with RNA requires that special measures be taken to ensure RNase-free environment. Even trace quantities of RNase can lead to lower yields from in vitro transcription reactions, degradation during RNA purification protocols, and variable results in RPAs and Northerns. RNaseZap™ contains three ingredients active against RNase and has proven to be extremely effective at removing RNase contamination from glassware, plastic surfaces, countertops, and pipettors. It has also been shown to be effective at eliminating RNase contamination from microfuge tubes without inhibiting subsequent enzymatic reactions. Supplied in one 250mL bottle.

  • Completely removes RNase contamination from glass and plastic surfaces
  • Excels at removing high levels of RNase contamination whereas similar products fail
  • Proven effective at removing high concentrations of dried-on RNase A
  • Ideal for cleaning work surfaces, pipettors, and equipment that must be RNase-free

DNA and RNA Purification and Analysis, General RNA Purification Reagents and Accessories, PCR and Real-Time PCR, RNA Extraction, Real Time PCR (qPCR), Total RNA Isolation, Total RNA from Animal Cells and Tissues, Total RNA from Bacterial Samples, Total RNA from Blood, Total RNA from FFPE Samples, Total RNA from Liquid Samples (e.g. Serum, Virus), Total RNA from Plant Cells, Total RNA from Yeast, Transcriptome RNA Isolation, mRNA Isolation, microRNA Isolation

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RNase Control Reagent

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.