Get 20% Off an iWestern Benchtop Bundle with iBright Purchase


When you purchase an Invitrogen™ iBright™ CL1000 or FL1000 Imaging System, you’ll save 20% on the Invitrogen™ iWestern Benchtop Bundle. Order using the catalog numbers below to take advantage of this special offer.

Features and Benefits

Experience an easier time capturing and analyzing data from gels and Western blots with the iBright CL1000 or FL1000 Imaging Systems, which feature advanced automated features and push-button optimized exposure.

The iWestern Benchtop Bundle contains all the necessary devices, consumables, and reagents to perform high-quality Westerns, including: 

  • Mini Gel Tank
  • Invitrogen™ Bolt™ 4-12% Bis-Tris Plus Gels, 10-well
  • Bolt MES Running Buffer (20X)
  • Bolt LDS Sample Buffer (4X)
  • Bolt Sample Reducing Agent (10X)
  • Invitrogen™ Novex™ SeeBlue™ Plus2 Pre-Stained Standard
  • Invitrogen™ Novex™ iBlot™ 2 Gel Transfer Device
  • Invitrogen™ iBlot™ 2 Transfer Stacks, nitrocellulose, regular size
  • Invitrogen™ iBind™ Western Device
  • Invitrogen iBind Cards
  • Invitrogen iBind Solution Kit
  • Thermo Scientific™ SuperSignal™ West Pico PLUS Chemiluminescent Substrate


Offer valid until June 30, 2018. Redemptions limited to three per laboratory.

Customer acknowledges that this offer may include a discount or other price reduction that must be properly and accurately accounted for and reported by customer in accordance with all federal and state laws, including without limitation the federal anti-kickback law (42 C.F.R. § 1320a-7b(b)(3)(A)) and regulations thereunder (42 C.F.R. §1001.952(h)).