Get Keyboard, Storage, and Access Cards with Imager Purchase

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Buy a Laxco™ SeBa 2™, SeBa Pro4™, or SeBa Pro4B™ Digital Microscope System and get a virtual keyboard, four USB Drives, and eight SeBaAccess™ cards. No redemption necessary. Order using the catalog numbers below to receive complimentary items.

Qualifying Products

Laxco SeBa2, SeBaP4, or SeBaP4B Digital Microscope System

Laxco™ SeBa™ Digital Microscope Systems integrate digital technology with high-quality microscope optics into a seamless easy-to-use system.

  • SeBaAccess technology allows for individual login, via an access card placed in front of the SeBa label
  • SeBaShare cloud-based storage allows simple uploading of images to a unique account on the cloud for accessing of images anywhere (login based onSeBaAccess)
  • Capture still or video images and save them to SeBaShare or USB storage device
  • Capture, review, measure, and annotate images
  • Single power source controls power to the camera, computer and microscope


Laxco SeBa 2 Series Digital Microscope System

Seba 2 Microscopes pack quality imaging technology into a simple package that’s ideal for the classroom.


Laxco SeBa Pro4 Series Digital Microscope System

SeBa Pro4 Microscopes deliver all the features of the SeBa 2 plus a higher-resolution camera and research-grade components making them ideal for clinical and research work.

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Cannot be combined with other promotions. This promotion is valid for Thermo Fisher customers in the US & Canada for orders placed between November 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017 only.

For Healthcare customers, please note that the value of the specific offer(s) the customer may receive from the manufacturer under this program is a discount or other reduction in price to the customer under section 1128B(b)(3)(A) of the Social Security Act [42 U.S.C. 1320a-7b (b) (3)(a)]. Accordingly, the customer shall disclose this and any other discounts or other reduction in price received under this program under any state or federal program which provides cost or charge-based reimbursements to the customer for the products or services purchased under this program. By participating in this promotion, you warrant that you are not a Health Care Practitioner or Health Care Professional as defined in the Code of Massachusetts Regulations, 105 CMR 970, or a healthcare professional as defined under 18.V.S.A. §4631, or a healthcare professional as defined under any similar federal, state or local law regulation.