Temperature Indicator Tapes

Liquid Crystal Strip Thermometer

Disposable, noninvasive method for measuring body temperature.

Fisherbrand™ White Autoclave Tapes

For steam sterilization

Propper™ Autoclave Indicator Tape

Easily distinguish between processed and unprocessed items

Biosynergy TempTrend™ Temperature Trend Indicators

Can be attached to all types of urine specimen containers

Propper StrateLine Autoclave Tape

Indicates status of sterlization jobs

Propper White Autoclave Indicator Tape

Color change eliminates the guesswork

Biosynergy LabTemp™ 40 Surface Temperature Indicators

Instant and continuous monitoring of temperatures between 19° to 21°C and 24° to 41°C

Biosynergy StaFreez™ Irreversible Freeze-Thaw Indicator

Irreversible indication of whether or not unstable frozen biological materials have been thawed

Biosynergy HemoTemp™ Reversible Blood Temperature Indicator

Shows the internal temperature of blood bags under ambient conditions