Weatherball Barometer

Accurately predicts weather conditions.

Fisher Scientific™ Dial Barometer

Wall mountable with dual scales.

Wireless Weather Station

Become an amateur meteorologist with these all-in-one wireless stations.

Fisher Science Education™ Junior Barometer

Features a plastic case, dual-scale black markings, white dial and a movable pointer to observe direction and amount of change as it occurs.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Precision Dial Barometers

Ideal for monitoring weather changes or environmental conditions in labs or plants

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Handheld Digital Barometer

Keep track of your environment and your time with this multi-functional handheld barometer

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Digital Barometer

Perfect unit for plants and labs to monitor barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure trend and time-of-day. Fisher Scientific Traceable Digital Barometer is ideal for use in environments where there is a need to monitor conditions of environmental air parameters.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Workstation Barometer with Clock

Ideal for recording ambient changes in the lab, monitoring conditions affecting sample analysis and assisting in the prediction of weather changes

Oakton™ Aneroid Barometer

Monitors impending weather changes and temperature


Visually demonstrates the connection between altitude and atmospheric pressure to help your students understand this relationship.