Spatulas, Forceps and Utensils

Alfa Aesar™ USA Standard Sieves: 100 to 170 Mesh

Brass frame and Stainless-steel mesh sieves

Corning™ PTFE-Coated Stir Bars

Ideal for use with Scholar™ PC-171 stirrers

Dissecting Scalpels

Sharp-edged scalpels for easy dissection.

Student Screen Sieves Set

Separate soil ranging in size from pebbles to silt.

United Scientific Supplies Stirring Rods with Rubber Policeman

Glass stirring rods are supplied with rubber policemen already attached.

Stainless-Steel Scissors, Pointed

Won't rust or corrode with repeated use.

Signature Series Augers

Gather the samples you need regardless of soil type.

Alfa Aesar™ Wig-L-Bug™ Mixing/Grinding Mill Accessory, Ball Pestles, 3.17mm Dia.

For use with Wig-L-Bug Mixing/Grinding Mill (AA44204KT and AA44604KT)

Large Animal Tray Cover

Stores and preserves specimens while offering full view.

PYREX™ Cloning Cylinders

Create identical cells by surrounding a single cell or group of cells

DR Instruments Economy Teasing Needles with Wooden Handles

Available with straight or bent tips.

Flex-Pad Bulk Sheets

Fast, easy cleanup.

Alfa Aesar™ PTFE Tweezers-Forceps

Totally inert and non-contaminating

Alfa Aesar™ USA Standard Sieves: 325 to 500 Mesh

Brass frame and Stainless-steel mesh sieves

Gilson™ DistriTips™ Syringes

Use of Gilson™’s pipetting system guarantees accuracy and precision. Gilson™ DistriTips™ Syringes have an aliquot volume range from 1µL to 1.25mL

Alfa Aesar™ USA Standard Sieves: 200 to 270 Mesh

Brass frame and Stainless-steel mesh sieves

Alfa Aesar™ USA Standard Sieves: 10 to 80 Mesh

Brass frame and Stainless-steel mesh sieves

Minimixer Stir Bar

For use with Minimixers

Corning™ Sterile Spatulas

Constructed of rigid nontoxic polystyrene to provide good chemical resistance to aqueous solutions. Corning™Sterile Spatulas are an ideal solution for molecular biology applications, lyophilized samples, and contamination-free sampling.

Fisherbrand™ Octagon Magnetic Stir Bars

Octagon magnetic stirring bars with integral pivot ring are the most commonly used shape

Eisco™ Clamp Retort Combined

Diecast alloy clamp retort, PVC coated jaws with boss head which accommodates rods up to 15mm in diameter.

Falcon™ Cell Strainers

Rapidly isolates primary cells to consistently obtain a uniform single-cell suspension from tissues. Corning Falcon™ Cell Strainers are easy to use and ideal for use with stem cells and primary cells.

Medium Point Forceps

Steel construction ensures years of service in every kind of dissecting work.

Fisherbrand™ Porcelain Pestles

For hand comfort in grinding.